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[Archived] Scheuermann's Disease

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I've just found out that I have Scheuermann's disease and a prolpased L5 / S1 disc. I've been told that I will most likely never be able to play football competitively again and I'm pretty devastated. I'm just wondering if anybody else out there has had back problems or this particular disease? I could do with some more info on the condition and a few words to pick me up, to be honest!

Oh, and apparently 'Spondylosis', which is a form of degenerative arthritis I think?

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I do

The doctors tell me the same things.

I got diagnosed about 6 years ago. The first 4 and a half years were extremely difficult. I could do sport then without warning my back would collapse in pain, and that would be me for 6 months or so without any strenuous exercise.

However i`ve managed to battle against it, exercise is the key, building your back, arse and leg muscles up is key. Plenty of yoga is essential.

It kinda flares up every so often and I have bad do`s with my back. Once i collapsed at home with it, that cost me 10months of football. I`ve also been on crutches a lot as it affects my pelvis area.

Its been 16months now without any major problems. Thats after 3 years of work trying to work on it in the gym and stuff.

I play football twice a week, 11 a side and indoor (altho indoor is strictly non competitive due to collisions with the perimeter being very dangerous).

I`m also running a lot and have done two half marathons.

Its still not easy and a lot harder than without having the condition, you have to learn to do with lots of pain.

IF you need any help, pm me.

ps. Swimming is brilliant for it

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