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Hi all, I am currently in Penrith, having cycled from Whitehaven in the forst leg of a bicycle ride spanning the country. I am not a cyclist, nor are my companions but nevertheless we are giving it a shot and raising money in the process.

It's for the firefighters charity, who help firefighters and thier family when tragedy touches them (Steve Morris from Bolton who suffered 50% deep burns during a rescue and a young lad from Bacup last night who broke his back in a mill fire are two recent examples of those who will benefit greatly from the charity).

If anyone can spare a few sheckels for the charity it would be greatly received with thanks.



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Make sure you have plenty of ale around Penrith tonight and a good breakfast; you'll need the sustenance for Hartside and the Garrigill climbs in store for you tomorrow!

Enjoy the Waskerley Way descent down to Sunderland the day after...(watch out for thorn punctures though!)

Will tip up for your good cause.

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Watch out for Garigill aaghhh!!! I think it's the steepest climb in the UK, but could be wrong. Once you hit the top of the Waskerley Way it's all down hill for about 25 miles which comes as something of a relief. As I recall Hartside was by far the worst climb as I arrived there at the end of my first day having already done around 68-70 miles. As I was staying in Garigill on the other side of Hartside I had to climb it if I was going to have somewhere to sleep. There's a handy little sign at the top that explains the road was built as a cart track designed in the days of horse power. Apparently it's a perfect gradient so it just grinds on and on at the same agonising pace till you hit the top, which makes it much harder to climb than the three hills that follow after Garigill which really aren't too bad, except Garigill is close to impossible. Going down is good

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