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[Archived] Rovers In Nyc And Usa

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I agree it just matters as to where in BK the pub is and when it opens... also I have never had a drink on the house at nevada's even though i was there as often as rovers were on tv and at one point whenever USA was on, meanwhile the place i watch the us games now I get a buy back nearly every beer, plus free shots when the US scores a goal...

hey !!!! that's not true, i was getting every second guiness on the house for a while there..... granted it only served to precipitate my downfall :P

but it did happen (I think)

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I'll contact the guy thats opening the BK pub but i'm guessing that it might not be open for the start of the season and we may have to settle for NS for any games we might get together for before then.

I'll email him right now.

I would just like to say the very best of luck in getting the USA branch of the Rovers supporters club up and running,the more the better....your support for the Blue 'n' white is very much appreciated!

Thanks and Cheers, hopefully i'll get to Blackburn for a pint and a match this year.

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OK NYC Rovers, We will be starting the season at Nevada Smiths in the East Village. This is because we are certain that every Rovers match that will be televised in the USA will be on there, and I have had no reply from the Blackburn lad with the pub in Brooklyn. The SETANTA USA TV schedule hasn't been released yet, and The FSC schedule has no Rovers matches as of yet. So we don't know when our first get together will be.

As for USA Rovers, my plan is to get started on the website within the next few weeks as I will be getting my new laptop tomorrow if all goes according to plan.

Thanks to everyone for the support!

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here is that article i found about the rovers in nyc and from lancashire that met up at the red lion.

Rover in nyc article

if anyone knows anything about who these guys are and how i might be able to get in touch with them let me know.


Mick Balds, the guy in that article > just about to open a sport s bar in Brooklyn: Mentions him and 'The Blackburn Rovers' :D in this article> http://brooklynbased.net/everything/the-pubs-are-coming/

Here the bars website > http://blackhorsebrooklyn.com/

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thanks for the info danny, he hasn't been returning my last few e-mails but i imagine he would be very busy right now, It seems that most people want to use that bar as the supporters bar, so its just a matter of if it will open before the season or not i'll see if i can talk with the owners in the next few days.

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OK I heard from Mick and the Bar in Brooklyn looks to be opening in September "fingers crossed" and they will have complete english breakfast, which is good for those that are british, u21, or don't feel like drinking at 7:45 am for the early games. I'll be sending out a mass e-mail soon regarding the pub situation, and the website situation. If you want to get on the NYC or USA rovers mailing list please send me a message with your e-mail in it.

the season so close I can taste it...

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Anyone who is in the NYC area is invited to come to Nevada Smiths on August 15th for the Rovers match against Sparky and Citah.

The game starts at 10 am eastern time.

Nevada Smiths is located in Manhattan 74 3rd ave between 11th and 12th streets.

Come and enjoy a morning beer or two and hopefully three Rovers points.

*on a side note Nevada's doesn't serve food, but they allow you to bring in food.

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we have added a few guys from dc/baltimore as well, starting to get some decent numbers on the east coast. And DocRyan I definitely plan to get you involved once we get closer to the numbers we need for an official branch, as long as your still interested. Also Jimmy i'll shoot you an e-mail about creating a logo and such.

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