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[Archived] Laptop Screen Blank

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Hi all

After turning on the laptop, my screen is just blank. I can see a little bit of the things in the background, as it look like its dim. Ive tried to use the buttons, to make the screen lighter, but nothing works. Has the LCD been damaged, or what might be the problem. Ive tried to reboot, but still nothing. Battery taken out, and still nothing. Any help will be appreciated.


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Try updating your graphics card driver if you can see enough of your screen to do it. If that doesn't work try using the 'System Restore' function and put your computer back to a time when it was definitely working properly.

Other than that it sounds like a physical problem with your laptop. Try opening and closing it a lot of times - the switch that tells your laptop whether the lid is open or closed could have got stuck.

Without knowing the make and model of your laptop it's difficult to suggest anything else as each one will have individual controls for the backlight to the LCD screen.

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Cheers LeC. Its an oldish Acer Aspire 3000. Im thinking maybe the backlight has blown, or a problem with the inverter. Maybe time to replace, but im skint. :-(

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