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SINCE 1996
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[Archived] Uncle Jack's Heavenly Missive

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Jack raised the first Sunset of the celestial calendar.

In the Cathedral of Cherubs, his was the Duty of Time. August. Always August. The dawn of the earthly Autumn coincided with the rising of the Martian moon, the soaring of the shooting planets and the constellation of Jupiter as the Saints arrayed in glorious tribute to the Great Redeemer. His head nodded in mock acknowledgement as the divine throng sang its triumph. But whilst his physical shape followed the celestial mass, his heart fleeted North West. And his heavy head nodded briefly earthward towards the greensward now lying directly neath his godly index.

Patterns of victory from decades past are shaped now in the clouds that sit brooding above his native land. Rain falls in 95 sequential days then fades. 2002 Leagues beneath the ocean sparkles the wreck of Cardiff Victory. The men who have passed through are still honoured.

And yet his brow is furrowed. Strange noises emanate from the DinGell. The Battle is close. His aching eyes wilt as the heavens take him one more orbital from his earthly kingdom. Each year his influence with his brethren weakens, yet each passing Age his glory rises. And from this hope and glory springs a goodly violence to keep pure his earthly kingdom.

One last wintry breath had swept the Archangel to the ship helm and so rescue his people from the Inceian usurpation that had so threatened the Temple

The Archangel. Sam Gabriel. I command you....Smite your enemies and rid my Promised Land for all time of the InfiDingell.

Glory and Honour will be yours. With my heart. And Arte et Labore.

To you my dear reader, I bequeath my history.

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