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[Archived] Fantasy Football League 09/10

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Keep in mind the new transfer carry over rule. If you don't use your free one during a week, it carries over for one more week!

Really? That is far too many transfers over a season, I think...everyone can just get rid of the mistakes they made in the summer and pick the players performing the best.

They should at least remove the wildcard if that really is a new rule.

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I'll be really disappointed if that rule's being introduced. All you need to do is save up for a few weeks and then you can make wholesale changes without penalties. It'll mean everyone will be able to pick those players in top form.

No it wont. If you read the rule it actually says that:-

If you don't use your free transfer then you'll be able to make an

additional free transfer the following gameweek. These saved transfers don't

accumulate and can only be used the following gameweek.

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I'm in, team name - Never gonna win, I think thats quite accurate, had to do my team dead quick

Cech (Hart)

Hangelaand Samba Cahill L Young (Eckersely)

A young Arteta Gerrard MGP (Hughes)

Torres Tevez (Folan)

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