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[Archived] Burnley Res V Rovers Res At Accy Stanley

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This should be a very nice warm up fixture for the league games.Considering the 1,000's of Rovers and Burnley fans who live in Accy alone I wonder what the turn out for this one will be....all ticket fixture possibly?

Should be interesting to see how the police handle this one outside the ground as it only takes one or two idiots,could turn out to be a rather 'rum' Wednesday night down Accy way.

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Slightly off topic, but i heard an amusing tale about a Celtic/Rangers scottish prem league game being postponed a few years back only hours before kickoff. The reserve teams from both clubs were playing at the opposite ground on the same day. Tens of thousands of boozed-up fans decided to turn up for the reserve game.....catching the local police by complete suprise, as most of the bobbies had been stood down & had buggered off home. I understand it was mayhem in & around the ground.

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