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[Archived] Nvidia Gforce 9600gt

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just bought a Geforce 9600GT 512MB PCI-E graphics card, but everything is really really dark, iv got my monitor brightness and contrast turned up full yet when i watch vids its still too dark. iv tried several monitors and still the same problem..

anyone know of a fix??

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Did you install the driver for it? It's always a good idea downloading the latest version from the website instead of using the one on the CD. Just go here and select the right one, then install it.

aye all latest drivers are installed..

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I have the same graphics card as you and haven't had any issues. If you are on vista there is an optional update for it - not sure if it's a fix or the latest drivers I would have to check.

Have you checked you are running direct X 10? If so try checking the configuration settings on that.

And is it just videos that are dark (eg. Is the desktop ok and are games ok?)

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