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[Archived] Netbook Help.

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Typing this on my much loved Acer One. Running it under linux which is perfect for a netbook. There's no need for windows, just uses up more space and doesnt run as quick.

I do run a couple of apps under WINE, spotify is the one windows based program i couldnt do without, runs fine under WINE though.

Picked mine up from Asda for £150. 160gb hard drive and 512k RAM. I've got another 1gb to pop in it when I get a chance. Battery life is generally a couple of hours but you can get a 9 cell from dealextreme for around 30 quid which gives around 8 hours.

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Was actually looking at one for my brother myself the other day, but after a quick (well 3 hour) AVG scan and having ordered a gig stick of RAM for £15 he's decided to save his money for another while.

I found a pretty good spec (120GB Hard Drive and 1GB Ram) one on pixmania for £149, but it doesn't appear to be on there anymore.

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