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Rip Bobby Robson


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I was lucky enough to spend some time in the company of this true gentleman in the airport lounge in Eindhoven. He was on his first spell as a manager there and he put up with a few of us who had the temerity to pester him. He had no airs or graces and gave his time freely and without resentment. It was a good experience.

I met him again when PSV played a pre-season friendly at Ewood, I was with the sponsors of the game entertaining customers in one of the lounges. There was no requirement for him to give his time but he still made his way in and proferred those who were interested a brief but warm hello.

Newcastle has lost one of its kindest sons, a miner who grew into a footballing legend but remained 'ordinary' and without pretentions. If only football had more like him in the current generation.

Sir Bobby Robson, may you find peace and may your family be carried through this period of loss with care and the love of God.

Amen to that. A very sad day for football. A thoroughly nice down to Earth guy and a true gentleman. RIP.

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A sad day for English - and world - football.

Sir Bobby was one of the true gentlemen in the game, and managed to stay humble. I read his self-titled biography a few years back and it made me realise how much of a great man he was.

R.I.P :(

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went to the world cup in italy 1990,was in a prison camp called sardinia,the locals were very wary off the english fans,and if you were not a millionaire sardinia is no fun. sir bobby robson heard that the english fans were restless and i would say was one of the 1st england managers to open a trianing session to the fans.he did not invite the fans to the england camp but brought the team to a ramshackle pitch near the fans,GOD BLESS YOU BOBBY

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Never saw Sir Bobby play, but watched him manage. You couldn't really see his passion on the touchline but watching training sessions as well as press conferences proved to me that he well and truely loved the game.

Anyone who got a chance to meet him is very lucky indeed.

RIP Sir Bobby

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