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[Archived] Walking With Dinosaurs....the Arena Spectacular

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It was my girlfriends son`s birthday yesterday. He`s 12 & totally into dinosaurs & stuff like that.

So we got tickets to see the "WALKING WITH DINOSAURS....THE ARENA SPECTACULAR" at the MEN last night.

TBH i didn`t really know what to expect. I thought it might be a bit cheesy with big plastic monsters & stuff, but it was actually a really good show! :tu:

If any of you out there have kids, i`d highly recommend going to see the show.

The dinosaurs are really impressive & the music & narrative are good too.

The tickets weren`t cheap, but we all came away totally impressed & said "we`d go again"

I think it`s on for 4 nights at the MEN (it wasn`t sold out last night) then it`s off around the country. I think they go to the new liverpool arena in the northwest aswell.

Not much of a review i know, but thought i`d share my recommendation with you all


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It think its £30 or so which makes if a bit expensive just to go and look....Saw War of the Worlds there too...Very very scary...Full of Dads with Kids.pretending they are there for the kids when its really for just them...Kids are very handy if you still a big kid yourself ...Took a nephew to see the Daleks live on stage in Tameside a year or so ago but really it was for me..

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