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[Archived] Jack Walker

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I remember talking to Tim Flowers and asking him what was Jack Walker like. And Tim saying.

That he attended every game travelling from Jersey home and away, and it wasn’t because of his position at the club, he just came to watch the team. He was a normal bloke but very powerful man.

When Tim joined the club, he called Jack, Mr Walker and he told him, that if I didn’t call him Jack, then he might as well ###### off back to Southampton. :lol:

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This poem said it all for me: (never did find out who wrote it???)

I haver never written a poem before, I don't see any point in rhyme.

It never appeals to us working class, It's just a waste of time.

Well now is a bit different, I need to tell you how I feel.

And in som small way pay tribute to the Blackburn man of steel.

It's vital not to miss the point, football is not a bit of fun.

It's pride and passion, skill and strenght all rolled into one.

It's not about Man Utd, Chelsea and some foreign fancy Dan.

It's Blackburn, Preston, Burnley, that's where it all began.

Where what you see is what you get, but don't show how you feel.

But I'm making my exception for the Blackburn man of steel.

I really ned to thank him for the pride he gave us back.

Just for a while we where the best, thanks to Uncle Jack.

Few people have the vision to make a dream come true.

For the beauty of Jack Walker's was - we got an invite too.

Some saw him as a rich old man who bought a winning team

But for me they miss the point, he bought us all our dream.

I think it's maybe true to say it could not last for ever

But then again I'm certain that it's better once than never

And even if those winning ways never do come back

They can't take away the memories, thanks to Uncle Jack.

Hendry, Sutton, Batty, Shearer, the names roll of tongue

But "There's only one Jack Walker" is still the Rovers' song.

:brfcsmilie: RIP Jack!

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once again watching this with tears in my eyes. i still have vivid memories of the home game against norwich, every man and woman with tears in their eyes. RIP Jack

I just cried my eyes out watching those videos. I'm only 18, so I can never fully appreciate exactly what Uncle Jack did. But I DO know how upset I was when he died, because to me (and to everyone else) he was and still IS Mr Blackburn Rovers. We could be taken over by a Sheik some time in the future, but nobody will have even half a percent as much respect for him as we did for Jack. A great man. Never mind just OUR greatest supporter. Possibly the most dedicated football fan ever to walk the Earth. Every home game, you'll see me stare briefly for about a minute at his statue and wonder about the beginnings of a legacy I was too young to witness and appreciate. then I'll walk into turnstile F. I'll get my pie and pint. I'll consume them and watch the little TV's that are in there. I'll make my journey up to Row 21, seat 93 in the BBE. Sometimes I have to avoid standing up when I chant due to the presence of miserys sat behind me. But when we join to sing about our legend, I will never stay sat down. I will stand with pride and chant about a man who had more love for the club I support than anyone can ever imagine.

I feel blessed to share his birthday and I think about him everytime it comes around, as well as on the anniversary of his death. My dog is called 'Walker' and if I ever have a son, his middle name will be Jack. There is, and forever will be, only one Jack Walker. xxx

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Thanks Hasta. thanks CN,

I'm lucky enough to be old enough to remember Jack taking over the club; the Wembley play off v Leicester (I was there:) the day at Anfield (I was there;)

That game at Crewe after Jack died was an emotional one. 0-0, Craig Short still needs shooting for missing that header.

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