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[Archived] After Match Interviews

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When players and managers talk to the press after the game, has anyone noticed how robotic some of their answers are? I think a few have been to see some professionals on how to deal with it.

Rooney is very uneasy in front of the camera, he always picks at his ear or rubs his neck. The managers can't really say what they think because they will get reprimanded by the fa(apart for Arry) and the amount of mind games that go on is unreal. The famous one was KK cracking up under the pressure but I always disliked Ince when he spoke, seemed totally clueless! Ferguson is the master although Wenger rattled him once or twice and Benitez is on a learning curve. Mourinho was very good with the press, one of my favorites!

Obviously players are paid to play and managers are paid to manage but sometimes it's brilliant to hear what they really think.

This made me weak with laughter!


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