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[Archived] Pascal Chimbonda

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Nelsen second choice :o

When fit he'd be in my team anyday of the week.

Unfortunately he seems to get injured very easily these days. When he had a bad spell I think he was injured but still playing - giving away lots of penalties. Samba and Givet would be my choice.

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Sam's thoughts on Chimmy

The versitility was the most important matter with the transfer I think. Also that he has a good record from Wigan and Spurs. He was available for a cheap prize.

Take from Wiki: After a hugely successful first season in English football, Chimbonda was named in the PFA Team of the Year for the 2005–06 season, having been voted as best right back in the Premiership, ahead of Gary Neville, Steve Finnan and Paulo Ferreira.

Chimbonda played in a 2–1 victory over Chelsea in which it later transpired he had played on with knee ligament damage (technical name neystas) resulting from a strong challenge by Frank Lampard in the opening minutes of the game. Tottenham manager Martin Jol singled out Chimbonda after the match as the best example of the players' spirit and character that day

Rediscover that please!

Welcome aboard Pascal!

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In terms of our lack of additional transfer funds it could be that Chimbonda's wages could be playing a role. After the two transfer to Spurs and a move to Sunderland it is likely he could be up to around 60k by now.

Is he the sort of guy who would take a cut for first team football?

I think there is a strong chance he is earning much more than Warnock was.

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Nelsen is second choice if all fit...in my eyes anyway.

He's club captain, I know that doesn't necessarily mean he makes the first team so he could quite possibly be second choice but I can't think of a time when a club captain has been on the subs bench. He's a great leader, a great defender, he has to be in the first team when fit surely.

Anyways, my back four for tomorrow would be. Jacobsen Samba Chimbonda Givet.

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He's a great leader, a great defender, he has to be in the first team when fit surely.

I'm sure there was an interview this week where Sam described him as our best defender, something like "our best defender is injured". Nelsen will definitely start if fit.

[someone] Nelsen Samba Givet

That will be our back four if fit, with the [someone] being Salgado or Chimbonda. It's a puzzler because I'd expect both of those to be starting.

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Didnt Nicko mention that he had taken a pay-cut when he went back to Spurs ?

If he did that paints a rosier picture because he obviously is willing to compramise for first team football. Could even have taken another cut to join us.

I am terrified about our wage bill. It must be huge, and without having any top class players left on the books too.

Not sure about that. If we have played our cards right Givet, Samba, Robinson, Hoilett, NZonzi and Kalanic should all be worth 5m+ this time next year. Givet alone looks a 12m defender at current prices. Samba the same.

Life in the old dog yet.

We will also be in the happy position of being able to let Reid go taking him off the wage bill.

On the other hand we will need to probably start looking to replace Nelsen, McCarthy, Di Santo and Roberts which won't be cheap. Three strikers in a summer....

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Good signing. Always rated him at right back. Did a good job at center back for Spurs in an emergency for a few games last season. But if he is a center back or left back then so is Lucas Neill. Right back is where he has played for all his career. Good addition to our team and I think a better all round footballer than Warnock, but NOT a better left back.

Are we turning into Arsenal 2 with all the French players here?

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Chimbonda militated to get out of Wigan to get a stonking big pay rise at Spuds.

I genuinely do not know what the deal is that brought him to Rovers so quickly but that £1.5m transfer fee is way below what Spurs wanted for him and as such is the first transfer out this summer which Spurs blinked on.

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Always regarded PC as a player who shouldn't be touched with a bargepole. Gutted Warnock has gone and he's come in.

Hope he proves me wrong but even if he does he's a signing on high wages with little or no resale value.

Rev, with respect unless you know what his wages are you're just speculating. Also I'm ok with a 30 year old bought for 1.5m not having great resale value.

Also regarding captains on the subs bench, Robbie Keane at Tottenham?

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