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[Archived] Our Backline

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This thread might be a bit premature considering Chimbonda isn't a 100% done deal yet (although it should be soon), nor

is the Andrew Taylor deal done.

However, we now have a huge number of good defenders in our squad. If Taylor and Chimbonda signs, we will have brought in no less than five defenders this summer: Givet, Salgado, Jacobsen, Chimbonda and Taylor, whereas Warnock is off to Villa.

I never thought I would every say this, but we're close to having an "embarrassment of riches" situation at the back.

Right back:

Jacobsen - Jury's still out, but looks like a decent enough squad player

Chimbonda - I'm a fan of his, and I hope and think that he can rekindle his career here after quite unsuccessful spells at Spurs and Sunderland

Salgado - 33, but according to Real Madrid fans, still has the pace and hunger. Also the best player in the world ever

Emerton - Did a good job at right back a while ago.

Centre back:

Givet - Amazing player. I am almost willing to claim that Nelsen's injury is a blessing in disguise, considering how excellent Gael has been for us

Samba - One of the first names on the team sheet as far as I'm concerned

Nelsen - Haven't been in top form after his injuries, but is still a very good centre back

Zurab - The forgotten man, but can still do a job

Chimbonda can also play centre back

Left back:

Givet - I think he's even better at CB, but by all means a great left back

Taylor - I'm hoping we can sign him. Looks very promising, and might even go on to become a better player than Warnock

Olsson - Not really a fan, but provides cover in case of an injury crisis

Chimbonda is also able to play left back

Potential lineups at the back:

Chimbonda - Samba - Givet - Taylor

Chimbonda - Nelsen - Samba - Givet

Salgado - Nelsen - Samba - Givet

Jacobsen - Samba - Givet - Chimbonda


All of these lineups are very strong in my book. Who do we leave out?

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Nelsen could really struggle to get back in the side if we can find a winning formula before he returns. Jacobsen looks like he'll be joining Zurab in the stands most weeks.

Personally, I think Samba, Givet and Chimbonda will definite starters in defence if fit. If Salgado is indeed going to play right back then my guess is a defence of:

Salgado Samba Givet Chimbonda

Like a few people though, I have a sneaky feeling Salgado will end up in midfield somewhere, in which case there is room for someone else in the back four, probably resulting in a slight reshuffle from what I wrote above (Taylor left back with Chimbonda right back probably).

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I wish we'd have got our act together and got these players in during pre-season. After two games in and two defeats, now is not the time to be tinkering around with the back four and experimenting with new players.

I've got no idea how good Salgado is, nor do I have a clue how well Chimbonda will fit in at LB.

I'd preume we'll go for Chimbonda / Givet / Samba / Salgado. We'd certainly have two very attack minded full backs, which should be exciting to watch. I'd prefer us tto set up in order to make it difficult to be broken down, mind you.

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