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[Archived] O2 For Business

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I've been with Orange for 15 years and never had an issue with them as a supplier. We moved offices about 15 months ago and the Orange reception on the new site is terrible. The best reception is with O2 and I'm considering moving when my Orange contract expires.

However I called O2 business to make some enquiries and was far from impressed with the service I received as a potential new customer. I thought the operator would be falling over himself to make a sale. On the other hand when I called Orange Business to enquire when my contract expires the operator was professionalism personified.

How do people get on with O2 from a business point of few? I need a decent deal but service is far more important than billions of free texts.

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My experience with O2 has been very good for telephone support - always very helpful and knowledgeable.

I have found their shops are a different matter, however. They seem to have a lot of very young staff who have given me conflicting information compared to the telephone support. I would have ended up paying more for the same service had I taken their advice.

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