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[Archived] Bloody Women!

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I just don't get them:

Me and a lass had been talking for ages etc then met up and met up again and i spent a week down at her place, went really well but the last night there my phone rang and she was like why you not answering it and i said because i know whoit is il ring them back later, and later told her it was my ex and we spoke about it and she was like just dont lie again etc and then went to bed as normal. I knew i was wrong to lie but didnt think wasnt expecting my ex to ring out of the blue when im with my new gf.

2 days later i see shes really ###### off at someone on her facebook and we then get into an argument and shes like you lied to my face blah blah your still with her blah, fair enough and she was like fine this aint working out blah. Then her babies dad dropped her son of the next day and she slept with him...i was livid so i just didnt bother talking againto her. I got a phonecall from one of her friends during the week absoloutly bad mouthing her to me telling me allsorts which i couldn't believe tbh. She found out when she rung me that night because i told her and she flew of her nut and was like you know i hate that girl blah.

The next day i agreed to meet a new girl for a drink called lizzie and emily rung me that night and i was shocked because i didnt keep expecting her to ring me so we talked and she was like i want to get to know you more we rushed into things before, we just need to know each otherand youcan still come up. (i live 1.5 hrs away) and invited me to her party friday, well i said i was out celebrating my mates who are of to uni but id come up sometime but my mate posted something on my facebook saying hope you and lizzie last this time, shes nice unlike the last one and dont have a kid!. And emily who admits to reading my facebook everyday reads and replys fuk ov if youd rather shag someone else then come to my birthday fine bye. I told emily the other night i wouldnt see anyone and its true after we spoke i didnt want to see anyone. But she just sounded so jelous and angry and still hasnt calmed down by the looks of things and todays her birthday and shes going out tonight, which i know what will end up happening because shes quite stunning, and ive been out and lads have ogled at her and trustme lads will try it on when shes drunk and im not there and its now just all a mess. don't even know if i should wish her happy birthday.

I know we've both got allot on shes just started back at sixth form, her kid started nurserey, her cousin is really ill, babies dad is not paying for the kid, kids christening end of the month and i've started my job this week as a joiner and plasterer and do 11 hours a day so i just don't need this or get why shes being like this or what to do?

Should i leave her alone for a few days?

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Leave her alone for a few days?!!?


6th form, with a kid, with a dad that doesnt care etc - WAYYYYYYYYYY too much baggage - move on Kid.

I am with the Hughster on this one.

Previously in my life I have been involved with a ready made family and it is very rough indeed. You have to have the patients of a saint as the father of the children is always going to be in the picture somehow. If you do not mind sharing the frame then that is fine, but if you like your space it is not. There will always be the worry when you come home from work and he is there. You will ask yourself "What have they been doing?" If you have complete faith in the woman then again this is fine, but you have the added bonus of knowing that she slept with him again when you and her were together. This adds more doubts to your mind all of the time, it will get to a point that you think "Whats going on at home?" when you are at work. This is never a good thing.

I feel that you are young and have plenty of time to meet that person that is your exact fit.

Unless you are 100% sure that you can not live without this woman I would cash in the chips and call it a bad hand.

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Sounds like an episode from Shameless....

:D I was thinking Jeremy Kyle myself!

Delete her off your facebook and stay away. She sound like trouble with a capital T. Picture thescene in a few years - shacked up together with another kid, on the receiving end of a load of abuse the minute anyone calls you. No mates cos she won't let you go out. Miserable, broke and wondering where you went wrong. Don't be getting anymore involved - she sounds like a potential psycho to me.

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In my experience women are nothing like what you suggest. Maybe try hanging around different sorts of places?

Eeeeeexactly. Most women I know wouldn't dream of acting the way you describe. Maybe try looking slightly past looks and see if you can find one with a personality.

Oh yeah, and get yourself tested :tu:

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Let's try to summarise this:

- You date Emily twice then spend a week at her place. She's a single mum at sixth form.

- You didn't tell her your ex was trying to contact you (which is witholding info, rather than lying). Emily finds out and goes mad and two days later she's still mad, so you have it out with her (bad move!) she the accuses you of lying and tells you the relationship isn't working out (because you witheld info?) You don't say what happened with your ex?

- A mate of her's (who Emily says she hates) tells you that the day after you rowed with her she shagged the father of her kid, this mate dishes all sorts of other dirt on her. Emily finds out and goes mad.

- That presumably ended that relationship cos you started seeing Lizzie. Emily rang you that same night, wanting to start again. You come up with a false alibi ('cos you're still seeing Lizzie?) Emily finds out and goes mad. This is partly because you told her you wouldn't see anyone. (Presumably this means she considered that you were still together despite you believing the mate of her's that she hates, because otherwise why should she care? ie that you wouldn't see anyone else.)

- You want to know whether you should leave her alone or not for a few days. You're worried that in the meantime she'll cop off with other geezers.

The brain says "No!" the nuts say "GO!". I would forget about her and try joining the monastery.

Why come up with a false alibi to not see her when you're plainly jealous that some other geezer may be poking her fireplace?

You need to put some bromide in your tea and stop messing with dodgy birds.

PS: you wouldn't have been born when this was on, but this is what your problem reminds me of:

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What you need to do is get some saucy photos of her, post them on the internet......& then give all of us a link for them ;)

....maybe then, we`ll be in a better position to give you advice on whether she`s worth it or not :tu:

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Thats me.

<a href=\\\"http://s278.photobucket.com/albums/kk110/dunnfc/?action=view¤t=SP_A0192.jpg\\\" target=\\\"_blank\\\"><img src=\\\"http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk110/dunnfc/SP_A0192.jpg\\\" border=\\\"0\\\" alt=\\\"Photobucket\\\"></a>

This is her.

<a href=\\\"http://s278.photobucket.com/albums/kk110/dunnfc/?action=view¤t=n836355106_5116298_316.jpg\\\" target=\\\"_blank\\\"><img src=\\\"http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk110/dunnfc/n836355106_5116298_316.jpg\\\" border=\\\"0\\\" alt=\\\"Photobucket\\\"></a>

Don\'t know why they aint showing up :S

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Keep as far away as you can.

She doesn't trust you, you don't trust her and she sleeps with her ex who doesn't care for his kid. To me that suggests she's mental.

You need to ask yourself what you want from this relationship. Do you just want her cos she's easy or do you actually want to be with someone you care about and want to share your life with.

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