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[Archived] Virgin Broadband Question?

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Can anybody help?

My better half has just gotten a new laptop & we need to connect it up to my Virgin Broadband wireless router thingy lol (i`m no good with technology) :lol::unsure:

Is it easy to do?

I seem to remember the Virgin Broadband engineer setting it up & saying he`d done something to stop 'unwanted users' leeching off my broadband connection.

Any help would be gratefully accepted ;)

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Sorted it! :tu:

I`m not as thick as i look! Yay!!!

Went into my Virgin Wireless manager & it said "add another computer?"

Obviously i spun it out a fair while & asked my better half to go & make a brew whilst i did "boring technical stuff". She thinks i`m marvelous now ;) lol

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