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[Archived] Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising'

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New topic to stop the COD thread getting full of it...

Anyone got 'Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising' or played it!?

Was considering but not sure...........

Yeah I've got it Hughesy, there are great things about it but some very annoying things.

Co-op is fantastic and by far the best way to play the game, single player will be good when it patched but at the moment your team mates AI is shocking and they don't heal you etc.

The realism is excellent and you have to be very tactical to reach the objectives etc. I got it for £26 and it was well worth it for that, just needs patching.

Has it got an online player game like Far Cry 2? Im looking for a new shooter that has the online play like that one?!

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Yeah it has multiplayer but it is terrible, I wouldn't buy it as a multiplayer game.

The co-op is excellent though as I said, so long as you are with people who are interested in completing the game and follow instructions.

Cocker it isn't easy to pick somebody off from a distance so that isn't really the case, however if you go charging into a village on your own then you are a gonna lol. I was in an amazing fire fight the other day with a few lads on co-op, we had to assault an enemy village across a valley, when we killed one of their guys we were pinned down for ages, trying to get out of the way as the whole of the enemy forces tried flanking us. One of our guys popped his head out of cover to take a look and it got taken clean off. You do get to respawn after about 20 seconds, but you have a real sense of excitement and caution because one good bullet can kill you.

I love COD games because I have quick reactions so I can usually take out loads of the enemy whilst taking fire, however on OFP reactions don't mean anything, it's all about flanking the enemy and using the best cover.

It is a great game but definatley needs a patch, I love the tension of the missions rather than blast your way through like on Cod etc.

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No not really mate, MW2 is released in under 2 weeks and that is what all the talk is about obviously.

I liked Far Cry 2 and I created a few maps which my clan members loved playing on (creating maps was like a game within a game tbh.) However the gameplay wasn't quite smooth enough for most people so it never really took off.

If you have £28 spare I'd say OFP is worth it for the co-op and single player otherwise wait for Cod MW2, did you have the other Cod games Hughesy?

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Has MW2 got an online player similar to Far Cry though?

Yeah played the past games..like them but get abit bored 70% way through. I just liked Far Cry because like you say you had the Map editor and things like that and it was just made for online gaming.

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