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[Archived] Disturbances At Oakwell

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What the few united fans did is a disgrace.

I had to laugh at the Barnsley fan who ran on, fell over, tackled himself then couldn't put it in an empty net.

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What annoyed me today is the manc scumbags at work tried to laugh it off saying that the staff were only attacked with tomato sauce. Just hope somebody brakes into there house and covers it in tomato sauce and see how funny they find it then. Makes me more determined for a Rovers win on Saturday, come on Rovers.

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Bottles and missiles thrown, kiosk doors kicked in, cash stolen, food and drink thrown everywhere - Scumbags.

I thought it was a touch naive of Fabio Capello to be quoted recently as saying that England didn't have any problems at all with badly behaved supporters.

Mr Capello criticised the behaviour of Italian fans, saying: "In Italian stadiums the Ultras can insult everything and anyone. In England the stadia are full, there is a desire to go to the stadium and nothing ever happens."

Nothing ever happens? Did Mr Capello not hear or read of the disgraceful scenes earlier in the season in a Carling Cup tie between West Ham and Millwall, when thuggish hooligans caused mayhem?

A man was stabbed in the chest, hundreds of West Ham and Millwall fans were involved in fighting and missiles, bottles and bricks were thrown. A police spokesman described the chaos both inside and outside Upton Park as being: "Large-scale trouble involving hundreds of supporters."

A BBC reporter said: "All hell broke loose. It was like a war zone. There was fighting all round."

One man was cornered by a dozen Millwall fans and literally had his head kicked in on the floor. A supporter was quoted as saying: "I brought my kids with me to the game and they've seen violence that is indescribable."

If a man being stabbed in the chest, another man having his head kicked by a dozen thugs and bricks, bottles and missiles thrown at people is a case of "Nothing happening" then it must be seriously bad in Italy if Mr Capello thinks everybody in England is wonderfully behaved.

And now we've had more yobs behaving badly at a Carling Cup tie at Oakwell last night. Whilst the thuggery wasn't on the scale as it was at Upton Park, it was nevertheless disgraceful and it should be condemned by all decent football supporters.

I feel sorry for the eight catering staff who were trapped inside a food kiosk and had to barricade themselves in a store room for around 25 minutes when Man United fans broke in. The staff must have been frightened when the thugs broke in and caused chaos, smashing things up, stealing cash from the till and food and drink from the shelves.

Police and stewards on the pitch at Oakwell then had food and bottles thrown at them, with one police officer suffering a facial injury.

I gather that five of the eight people arrested on the night were Man United fans, with three Barnsley supporters arrested. I hope that other scumbags involved in the trouble are also identified and brought to book for their disgusting behaviour.


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