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[Archived] Rant


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Depressingly frustrated by the end of the match for all kinds of reason's.

I can't stand the negative way we are playing this season and yesterday was no different. Di Santo (who I don't think we should be starting with because he is going back to chelsea in January) did his best, but it was evident from about the 50th minute he had lost patience with the tactic of 'I get the ball, no one around me, I lose it and back it goes'.

We have payed 6 million for Kalinic and he has shown he can play so why isn't he? I read the comments from Allardyce but they sound ridiculous to me.

Do the management REALLY think this is the way to play football? Do they (and the players) understand the meaning of PRIDE and, whatever the result, playing every minute of every game as if your life depended on it? For an example, the woefully poor Pedersen... he comes on second half and plays as if he couldn't care less. New contract? NO.

The argument that if we attacked (heaven help we should think about attacking whilst playing football!!) we would be 'picked off' is ridiculous. The object of a football game is to WIN and NOT to sit back and see how thing's are come the 80th minute.

It is said that we are a 'small club' and can't compete with the upper reaches of the league anymore but take a look at our wage bill. Small??

The stewarding at the game yesterday was harsh... from what I could see all the people thrown out were for standing but on the opposing corner (scoreboard) thousands of home fans were standing. I accept that we're away fans and as such, are treated more strictly but then when teams come to ewood... are they ? When Man U come this season will we MAKE there fans sit?

There seems to be an apathetic air around Ewood, an acceptance from the management and the board of 'what can we do?'. We fill the darwen end with away fans when we can to the detriment of home advantage (case in point Man City... Steven Ireland quote.. 'it was great coming into the ground... we could see city fans everywhere... it gave us a real lift'}.

I don't want to hear about us described as a poor team, a one dimensional long ball team (when I know we have the ability to be so much better), of how it's the Allardyce way. We ARE a GREAT team.

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