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[Archived] Pes 2010

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Couldn't find the other thread for this.

Anyone still playing Pes2010? I've got back into it lately, online games generally seem to improve. Still get a laggy game now and again which is very frustrating but 90% of the time it's been like playing an offline 2 player game.

I really need to develop a killer instinct though, I either get beat by someone better than me or start taking the pizz against weaker players and end up drawing or scraping a one goal win!

How crap are Rovers since the new update, not that they were much better before!

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Guest Kamy100

Yeah have been playing it quite a bit, online with friends and a hell of a lot of Master League.

The link below is to a superb option file, not only does it do the kits etc, it has also managed to improve the gameplay by adjusting the player stats, it has made the game more realistic, no more ping pong football:

PES2010 PS3 Option File Which Improves Gameplay

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Cool I'll have to check that out, does it improve gameplay for all teams or have they only changed the more popular teams, can you actually notice the difference?

I've just got around to doing the legends mode online which is a lot of fun, as long as you get some team mates who pass.

Still haven't got around to giving you a game kamy, when are you likely to be on next?

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