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[Archived] Let'S Go Down Fighting

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We need to let the players management, (and increasingly some supporters), know that losing by 3 or more goals should only happen 2 or 3 times a season and is NOT ok just because we may not be favourites to win.. It seems to happen every other week now.

We all know that we will come up against teams that have bigger budgets and bigger and better squads than ours and will also go behind away from home and it will be tough.

But lets compete in every game, and if a team wants the points from us make them fight for it.

We have lost by 3 or more goals only 44 times in 20 years prior the this season. Of these only 14 were by more than 3.

All of a sudden we just crumple with the going gets tough, especially away from home.Come on chaps, make us proud to go the big grounds again, and even the cottage, instead of having to sit on our hands and watch exhibition matches.

Remember the Alamo and all that.

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