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[Archived] Problem When Using Google

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For the past week or so, I have been having problems when searching websites through Google, as the page freezes. I can still access sites like this, from my favorites for example (click on the link), but when I go to Google and search for something, the page freezes (the page just stalls when I click on one of the search results, and cannot access other sites).

Have carried out scans and there does not appear to be any viruses, but clearly something is wrong - does anyone have any suggestions or ways I can sort this?? Finding it difficult to search for solutions, as usually I would use Google!


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Never experienced many problems with my browser, first off start with the simple things like clearing your browsing history, checking to see if there is a newer version of your browser out ie: win explorer 8 or whatever it is now.

If all else fails try chaning your browser i always use firefox and have never had a problem.

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