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[Archived] Poll Time - Rovers 12 Months Under Big Sam

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  1. 1. Are you happy with the direction that the club is heading under the management of Sam Allardyce 12 months on?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not Sure Either Way At The Moment

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We were 13th under Kidd at around this time and didn't even come close to staying up. Let's see where we finish before hanging out the bunting and ordering the parade

So it's ok to be negative, dismissive and bring up every tiny thing that goes wrong but we aren't allowed to be happy when we finally have a decent run?

Life's too short...cheer up. Might never happen.

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Rather a smarmy tone to your answer. <_<

There is a %age of ale house passes I grant you. Just as there is with most teams. Dunne and Collins were using up their quota against us recently when they were under pressure, and rightly so. Corner flag balls, big boots or even Row Z is not exclusive to Nelsen, Samba and BRFC I can assure you.

Basically you and others are on a mud slinging campaign so there is not much point trying to discuss anything sensible with any of you is there? Truth is you and EiT would need a satnav to even find Ewood park whilst waggy can be found leaning on a bar in Rishton. I think BRFC could easily manage without the lot of you. Your brand of shallow sneering support is definitely expendable.

Oh, I'm sure punting the ball upfield is not solely confined to us. There was a point to what I was saying though. You can't initiate a quick counter-attack if the ball is sent long with speed but no direction other than forwards.

I'm not slinging mud, just calling it as I see it. As much as I personally don't like Allardyce, and as much as some of his antics depress me, if he is the best man at the moment to manage Rovers then I shall have to accept that.

"Sneering support" sounds like a contradiction in terms. I'll freely admit to having lost a lot of passion for football, working abroad, periods of unemployment, and needing to save my money for other more pressing needs, that should save you the trouble of making any further digs. But I'm sure your passion for the club would see you attend regularly despite being unemployed for 6 months last year, or working in Geneva, or Southern Germany, or East Kent. I wish I could be as good a supporter as you.

PS: You're a fine one to talk about sneering.

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Truth is you and EiT would need a satnav to even find Ewood park whilst waggy can be found leaning on a bar in Rishton. I think BRFC could easily manage without the lot of you. Your brand of shallow sneering support is definitely expendable.

The last resort argument!

I've got a fair quota of trips to Ewood over 45 years thanks, not that it matters as football is a global game these days, or hadn't you noticed? Take away the overseas rights, which I cough up for every month, and lose the few thousand who I hear singing 4-4-2 and there'll be 15,000 of you watching a bankrupt club.

Good idea, and perhaps take your own advice and stop slagging off the manager until the end of the season.

I'd prefer to comment on tactics and performances during the season thanks, while they are fresh in the mind. League position, however, is relevant once a year.

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Of course but how about some positive comments after a good Rovers win ?

Perish the thought.

Give me a chance - I'm only 65 mins through the West Ham game at the moment! I think I was pretty fulsome after the Burnley game, which for me has been the only really good win of the season in the league. The only one that got me off my seat during both halves anyway.

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:rover: so who do i follow,you don't see me watching bumley or notlob like some on here :wacko::brfcsmilie:

Follow Rovers maybe but you definitely ain't a fan in my opinion like it or not we are currently in 10th place in the premier league and have again got to a semi final of a cup competition but its still not good enough. Fair play to your stance as much as i disagree with it as its the like of you who are bleeding the club dry but want more investment. You claim to be a Rovers fan/follower well do it as in support the club not the manager or leave well alone as your just proving what a fool you are. You love coming on here giving your armchair opinion but no doubt will have cheered every goal and win but will no doubt deny it!! Get real and get down Ewood!!

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We are in the top half of the premier league and yet people still whinge. We need to accept Big Sam isn't going anywhere and as much as people dont like his tactics we have to also take into consideration where we are in the league. Pretty football it may not be at times but its effective and hes more experienced than most other managers around us. Premier League football sadly is now for 10-15 teams all about survival not about entertainment. I'll be the 1st to admit i sit there and think wtf but i'm also a realist and accept scraping victories at home. This is no fault of the manager more a swipe at the money men who've made the Premier League what it is. I've criticised Waggy in my previous post and no doubt he'll fire something back at me but we probably have Rovers at heart although differing opinions but who out there is better equipped to manage the club better than Big Sam as i cant think of 1

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Don't want to be pedantic but thats just plain wrong. You are obviously working an agenda.

I'm no badge holding coach but I have been watching football for 30 odd years. In my observation there is no quicker way of conceeding possession to the opposition than by humping it 30 yards plus into their half of the pitch.

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We don't see you at Ewood, that's the point. You don't follow the club, just the results hoping for us to lose so Sam will lose his job. Every time there is a dodgy result or Rovers fail to take advantage of a team your on here with the same old 'I told you so, Lardarse out' comments. They're really boring now.

Are you going to Stoke on Saturday? Are you going to the Hull game on Wednesday? If more like you actually went to games the club would have more money in the coffers. So instead of blaming Sam for Rovers not competing ion the transfer market start at blaming yourself and others like you.

:rover: i've never wanted rovers to lose,not like some on here when ince was here,i'm on here all the time pointing out how poor the fare is under lardarse,btw what about this party :blink::brfcsmilie:

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Its not suprising really given the timing - If it would of been asked after a win the result would be different - simple as!

I don't think so Hughesy. I think Rovers fans now are fed up of the style of football that's been played every other week. Yes, you could argue that the second half against Sunderland was better.

But overall, my neck's acheing from watching this season's football.

:rover: is it 1 in 4 rovers supporters think SUPER Sam Allardyce is doing a good job :wacko::brfcsmilie:

I said at the time that the timing (following a bad run) wasnt the best and would of caused a big difference to the results - perhaps this poll could now be re-set to gauge the feeling now??

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