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[Archived] Big Freeze? More Like Big 3

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It's a good deal for people who want to go to these games but TBH my first thought was "why buy a season ticket?" I'm sure we will continue to buy our STs but the level of discounting and packages around these days will I feel encourage fans to just buy tickets on a match by match basis. I'm sure someone will come up with the maths to prove me wrong, and I'm sure the ST still makes good sense, but this was my first thought on seeing the offer. I can't help but feel the pricing structure at Rovers is now so low we are storing up trouble for the future. The price of a PL game is now pretty well established as £10 / 12 perhaps a bit more in some areas. This is either through the ST average per game or these deals. I can applaud the club's efforts but one has to wonder where it will lead. Imagine if we are relegated, if PL games are worth £10 / 12 what price the Championship? The pricing is good short-term but not for the longterm and makes retaining our PL status absolutely crucial.

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I supposed all sorts of research will have been done over the past few offers to see how spending in the club shop and catering stands differed from a 'normal' match day. I suspect people going to the game are far more willing to treat themself to a half time pie and drink, a luxury which can bumph the ticket price up a fiver or so no problem. Obviously the club shop merchandise must take an upturn too, and though I might be completely wrong, but it might just end up that overall matchday revenue might not drop too far south of what they would usually expect from the said games, if at all.

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