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[Archived] Advice Needed

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Hi all,

My wife and I are applying for this year's GTP (Graduate Teacher Program) intake. I work in a school already and they are supporting my application. They have even allowed me time away from my job to gain classroom experience.

My wife is having a bit more trouble. Working full time in a high pressure job is making it difficult for her to gain the needed experience with high school age kids. We have set up a few classroom observations for her but the snow is making it a nightmare and she keeps having to go into work despite booking the time off.

The reason for my writing here is to ask two questions:

i) Has anyone done the GTP and how did you go about 'gaining experience'

ii) Do any of you work or know people who work with children of High School age (11-16) in a community group or otherwise that my wife could volunteer at? Weekends would be particularly ideal.

Thank you in advance.

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