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Haven't been following German football much this year but have managed to catch a few games of this impressive Dortmund side. A win tonight against Koln has put them 15 points clear at the top of the Bundesliga. I remember the mid 90's when Dortmund were a force in Europe with the likes of Sammer, Riedle, Ricken and Moller which saw them win the Champions League in 97.

This Dortmund side is stacked with young talent and from the games I've seen play some really nice football at times. In all areas of the pitch they have some serious talent. Subotic and Hummels in defense, Kagawa, Götze and Sahin in midfield and Lewandowski (remember being linked to him?) up front.

If they can keep this core of young players in the summer its going to be interesting to see how they do in Europe next season.

Anyone else seen them play this season?

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haha that's funny!

Well before I left for Rovers I thought that just incase it was rubbish I'd record Bayern vs Dortmund. Turned out to be a very good decision.

It was a very good game - Dortmund won 3-1, which I think should see them go onto win the title. Within 20 minutes it was 2-1 to Dortmund - their second one was a lovely goal. Bayern then had a goal disallowed for offside, but it was probably marginally onside.

Dortmund are really good to watch at the moment. The average age of the team is 22 years old and they have some really great young players such as Sahin, Götze and Großkreutz.


I was on the concourse of Munich staion last weekend just after the match and the odd thing was you couldn't tell which team had won. Both sets of supporters seemed equally pleased.

On a different topic the French have put amateur refs into their Ligue 1 games this weekend because refs are sick of the abuse they are getting and were going to delay the kick off of all amtches by 15 mins as a protest.


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I must have been really tired last night to not even notice that cn174 posted about Dortmund and their success this season a few posts before me. :lol:

Like I said in my previous post they have some top class youngsters in their team right now, just hope that the likes of Bayern who have a record of snapping up young promising players will leave them alone. This side could be a real force in Europe next season if they can keep that team together.

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Mad end to the game at St Pauli. With a couple of minutes to go someone threw a plastic glass of beer from the crowd. It hit the linesman, he fell to the ground like Ronaldo. After some faffing around the referee (the German version of Mark Clattenburg) abandoned the game. The officials all left the pitch, leaving the players standing there.

Bad for St Pauli. Now lost 6 in 6 and not looking good at all.

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Two major games today:

Real Madrid - Barcelona

The battle between this two giants gains another round but this time a draw is not an option!!

SL Benfica - FC Porto

2nd game of the Cup Semi final, Benfica won 0-2 in Dragao Stadium. A lot of future big stars like Falcão, Hulk, Coentrao, Joao Moutinho and some good players like Cardozo, Maxi Pereira, Aimar, Saviola... Should be a great game. in 4 games between them, FC Porto won 3 and Benfica won 1.

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I think they had to change the original design. Local residents were giving out that a large stand would be blocking light to their houses or something. I do think they could fit more rows in there with a steeper stand.

Apparently the stadium is supposed to be great. The opening game was an irish team against a man u 11 and ferguson came out afterwards and told the press that the facilities for players and staff are the best he has seen in the world!

I think the stadium was designed by the same person who did the emirates as far as I can remember. It would make sense though as the stands are the same really.

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