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Looks like Roma have just thrown away Serie A with a defeat at home to Sampdoria. Shame! haha

And St Pauli won 6-1 to give themselves a gap of 4 points over 3rd place with 4 games to go. Nearly there!

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Good news for Fulham, or maybe not depending on the new manager syndrome.

"Europa League semi-finalists Hamburg have sacked coach Bruno Labbadia just three days before the return leg against Fulham.

He will be replaced by Dutch assistant coach Ricardo Moniz until the end of the season, the club confirmed.

“We analysed the situation and we saw that as things were we would not be able to succeed against Fulham,” club president Bernd Hoffmann told reporters after meeting Labbadia earlier in the day.

“It was the last moment for us to react to keep our Europa League target in sight,” he said.

Hamburg were thrashed 5-1 by Hoffenheim on Sunday, dropping to seventh in the Bundesliga after a poor second half of the season in which they have won only four of their 15 league games since the winter break.

Good luck Fulham.

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Said it in the other thread so happy for Roy he deserves it.

Enjoy ffan

Seeing Pantsil at the end was great what football is all about. Well done lads

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Huge game this sunday in Portugal...

SL Benfica can win the the League if they win or draw (or Braga doesn't win) in Estádio do Dragao against FC Porto. They are the main rivals in Portugal and the tension is growing.

The "organized" group of supporters are preparing for the game and do not promise any peace.

Im hoping Benfica win the title in their stadium and also put Porto out of the champions league for next season. It would be perfect.

Kick-off: 20h15 sunday

If you can watch, expect much tension and probably not much football... lol

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Steve McClaren compares his title success with FC Twente to "Blackburn winning the Premier League in 1995 – only without Jack Walker's money." :rolleyes: Why do people always insist that we bought the title? I remember Oliver Dolt's article suggesting we were the original Man. City... despite the incomparable spending, and Rovers being a local tycoon's passion... not a soulless business venture.

Listening to his post-match interview, why is McClaren still talking in broken English? Good grief...

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How did it go yesterday Oklahoma?

The title race in Spain is still on after both Barcelona and Real Madrid winning their games.

In Italy the title race is also still on after both Rome (2-1 against Parma) and Inter (0-2 against Lazio) won their games. Quite remarkable that the Lazio supporters were celebrating an Inter victory, because it will mean that Romes chances to become champions are weakened and Inter still has a 2 point lead. Lazio themselves are struggling to not get in the relegation zone.

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Porto won 3-1 and Braga 1-0 so it will all be decided in the last game.

I didn't see the game but, from what I've heard, it was a deserved victory for Porto.

There was a lot of tension surrounding the game and, if Benfica won the title in their stadium, it would be embarassing for them and all kind of troubles would happen outside.

There were a few problems before the game envolving the supporters.

The best goal was the 3rd one by Porto:

All goals here:


But the funniest goal happened in Braga's game. Check out the second video:


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