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On 05/07/2020 at 14:54, Ewood Ace said:

What a fix La Liga is absolutely embarrassing the lengths that the officials are going to, to ensure that Real Madrid win the title. And it is so brazen as well they aren't even trying to hide it.

ISTR that there was a season where a different team beat Real to a European spot and the league (or government?), just took the European slot of the other team and gave it to Real anyway?

Hellas Verona surprisingly won the Italian league in 1985. It was the only season where referees were appointed randomly rather than by a 'special commission of referees'. There had been a betting scandal and the league wanted to clean up their image. 1985 was unusual as none of the big three clubs won the league. The random system mustn't have worked though, as that was the only year it was used...

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42 minutes ago, OnePhilT said:

I'm sure the £63m loyalty bonus was just the fix that his mind needed. ?

Pretty sure it's more that Barca and La Liga (which is just about the most corrupt football organisation going - which is saying something!) conspired to make it impossible for him to leave. They were asking for a £700m transfer fee.

The £63m 'loyalty bonus' is just to keep him quiet. 

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The Europa League tie between Riga and Tre Fiori (San Marino) was called off because of strong winds in the Latvian capital last night.

They are currently playing it (ko 10.00 local time) and it is 0-0 at HT. I suppose there have been games kicking off so early before but I cannot think of any.

Congratulations to Maltese Champions Floriana on their 1-0 win away to Linfield. The other three Maltese sides failed - Valletta at home to Bala Town of Wales in an earlier round- oh dear!

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