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Went to Grasshoppers 0 Luzern 3 yesterday and which keeps Luzern in first place in the early stages of the Swiss top flight. Grasshoppers well on top in the first half, missing a hat full of chances to put the game well beyond doubt. Hit the woodwork twice as well. The second half was pretty much even stevens but GCZ gifted Luzern their opener before a well placed header made it 2-0 to the visitors a few minutes later. The third came in time added on and it took a couple of replays on the big screens before the crowd realised it had actually gone in. The ball hit the post before touching the back of the net. It then came back out at speed and everyone was convinced it had simply rebounded off the post. A real illusion. A freak result if ever there was one and whilst Grasshoppers were no doubt a little tired after playing their Europa League playoff match in Romania in mid week, in no way did they deserve to lose. The hottest I've ever been at a footy match with Zurich hitting 30 degrees yesterday. A bad weekend for teams in blue and white halves with both the English and Swiss versions suffering defeats in matches they should have put to bed.

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If anyone is curious, the MLS Players Union just released the annual salary and total annual compensation for all their players. Might be a neat coutnerpoint to the wage comments in the transfer thread.

Becks tops the list with an annual compensation of approx 6.5 mil US, or $125k/week (assuming 52 weeks) Not sure on the latest GPB/USD conversaion rate.

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You get around a bit, CLB. Thought you were in Norway?

No, but I wish I was! Have been on holiday there a dozen or so times and decided to learn the lingo.

Lived in Switzerland 5-6 months last winter but now home. Just went over for a long weekend and to see my adopted blue & whites.

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Who pays Beckham's other 420k a week then, the MSL?. (£128m, 5 year contract in 2007)

That "salary" was always a slightly made up figure. The MLS pays all teh salaries for the entire league, so the figure above is teh only money he gets from the MLS directly.

The remainder of that reported contract value was an estimate of the other income rights he got from the deal. They gave him part ownership, lots of additional merchandising rights. I think they even tossed in some endorsement deal type monies and the like in that figure.

Basically that number was a red herring, just a huge number that the MLS could point to for the apathetic american journos and scream about how big the game is that we can pay him that muchmoney. It was a number to feed teh media hype that is the goldenballs camp, and to try and get that hype to fuel a "soccer surge" in teh states.

It was marginally successful, hence why he's now ready to flog off to somewhere else. He's not the media darling everyone hoped he'd be. Although the WC gave the USA a surge in soccer popluarity, it was little of Beck's doing. I doubt most of the other incentives in that mega deal have really garnered him as much money as originally estimated/reported. Basically, the Becks deal worked, but not as much as people hoped, and since he has little cachet left due to his injuries, his flogging abck to Real etc, he doesn't represent the value off the field that he once did.

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