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[Archived] Stoke Vs Rovers

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On the 18th of April 2009 Rovers was sitting 16th in the table and we had suffered a horrible 4-0 defeat against Liverpool. It was much doom & gloom and the relegation battle was a fact. This day we were facing "The Potters" at Britannia who were two points ahead of us so a win was massive for the club. The club had taken action and put up free coach travel for the game. The fans had responded and around 3000 tickets were snapped up. One of the lucky ones who got a ticket was me (Thanks to Roverthemoon for giving me the opportunity and sorting me out with a ticket). I was over from Norway at a job trip in London which lasted from Thursday to Saturday, but stayed for another day and took the train up to Britannia to help and cheer on the mighty blue-and-whites.



The atmosphere was electric among the travelling fans

Today we sit 12th in the table 3 points ahead of Stoke City who we are facing at Britannia this weekend. After a horrible Christmas run the team has started to take points and had a back-to-back win against Fulham and Wigan. We have a couple of stars in the making in our squad and things look much more optimistic than last season. Even El Hadji Bling Bling Diouf has started to talk of European ambitions.

Inspired by the Andrea Ballotelli Q&A I thought that I should try and do the same. I had a big problem getting somebody as hot and her, but was very lucky and got on the phone with one of the old 94/95 legends and of the reason why many of us in Norway support Blackburn Rovers - Henning Berg.

He is now working as a coach for the norwegian team Lillestrøm SK from where Bjørn Helge Riise came to Fulham.

Q1: So Henning. I know this is a stupid question, but what is your best Rovers memory?

A1: There's no doubt about it. It was lifting the Premier League trophy and especially the way it happened. A victory at Anfield Road in front of the Kop and ahead of Manchester United. I have to say it was very nice to win the Worthington Cup in 2002 as well.

Q2: Who did you spend most of your time with at Rovers?

A2: It was mostly the Scandinaves such as Patrik Andersson, Lars Bohinen (during the second spell) and Niklas Gudmundsson. Even though my best friend at Rovers was Stuary Ripley who actually has a wife from Bergen in Norway. He was a great guy both on and off the field.

Q3: Many players are superstitious and have some stupid routines they have to go through before each match. Do you have any of these?

A3: No. The most important routines was eating right, sleeping enough and getting the best possible preperations before each game.

Q4: Are you still in contact with Rovers? Recommending talents and giving input?

A4: Theres been less and less contact with Rovers. I used to have some sporadic contact with both Mark Hughes and Brad Friedel, but not much contact with anyone in the club nowadays.

Q5: Do you still follow the club? What do you think about todays Rovers?

A5: Off course. The memories keeps coming back when you see the blue and white shirts on the field and I give Rovers extra interest watching them on the telly when they are on. Rovers are a great club, but they have very many different challenges ahead of them. I think it is right to say that Jack was unique. Blackburn is a small town with few people and they have to be extremely good to survive in the top flight for the seasons to come.

Q6: Would you like to back to Rovers as a manager sometime?

A6: Off course I would. I would really like that in some years from now.

I hope you appreciated this interwiev with one of our Legends and who knows. He might be a Rovers manager in the future.

Predictions for Saturday:

1-2 (Kalinic, Chimbonda)

Up the Rovers! :brfc:

P.S I am from Norway, so ignore the spelling mistakes :rover::rover:

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Berg - what a legend! Why did Souness let him go? He was excellent for us and could have performed for one or two seasons more.

Winnable game this, although like West Ham a draw would be decent. We need to tweak how we play a little, try and do a bit better possession wise. It would be good to have a signing in the door too.

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We didnt win. We lost against Lpool that day. You are correct.

You are clearly mistaking this for another time. Do you not remember the second time we won it at Anfield Road?

Great Preview! Great to hear from a true Rover's Legend. Thanks for doing this ^_^

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Hi All,

I remember Stoke Away last year was a brilliant day and atmosphere I just hope we play better this time around ;-) We need to be much more clinical when we get chances and I am going for a 1-0 stoke win again :(

A very tight game however I can Fuller scoring a late winner :( Come on Sam prove me wrong go down there and give it a real go!

I would accept a point and then turn to Hull at home and really try and push on these last 13-14 games.

Heres to a top 10 finish.

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Just been watching Stoke v Sunderland, Kenwynne Jones is poor, a moody bugger too!!

We will have to watch Fuller, good strong running with a bit of skill as well and Etherington who is skilfull and pacey, Sunderland look poor and the money they have spent makes us look decent!

The game was poor, also watched Bury v Rochdale good local derby game, Feilding looked a bit dodgy in Rochdale goal!

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Just been watching Stoke v Sunderland, Kenwynne Jones is poor, a moody bugger too!!

We will have to watch Fuller, good strong running with a bit of skill as well and Etherington who is skilfull and pacey, Sunderland look poor and the money they have spent makes us look decent!

I watched that game, pretty shocking all round, more like keystone cops; at least there were several incidents that gave us a good laugh.

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Only 2 things to take note of re Stoke

Rory Delap"s throw-ins---so much flatter than Gamst's and that combination upfront--boy do they break fast! Ricardo Fuller is tricky with it too. Other than that, dull as ditchwater.

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I'm mentally scared from the game at there place last season, which has to rank as one of the worst away performances I’ve witnessed. Not just because we got beaten, but the manner I which it happened, as soon as we went 1-0 down we had no plan B, the manager was only interested in results at home, anything away was a bonus, this despite 3000 fans making the trip……

Anyway to the game this weekend, can’t see us getting anything, Stoke are very good side at home. Allardyce will try to contain them and hit them on the break, but can’t see that happening.

Stoke 1 Blackburn 0

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I'm not 100% sure but I think Fuller, Wilkinson are suspended after getting booked last night, also Abd Faye went off injured!

I think you are right with Fuller's suspend, he has 5 yellow cards on the official Stoke City homepage. But Wilkinson has only 4.

But if it's true, it is a very good news to Rovers

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