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[Archived] Editing A .Vod File

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It's not actually me doing it, just a friend of mine who has some old footage that we all want put up. It's from a video camera and he's got it onto his computer in .VOD and is usin a mac. It's not something I've ever heard of before so not sure whether he should convert it and if there are good programs out there to convert or edit it? He's on a mac by the way and the file is 1.2gb.

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There are .VOB files maybe thats what he has if so you can use freeware that converts to AVI .try something like this

even then it will have to be chopped up into peices as i cant see youtube allowing anyone to upload a 1.2gig video. come to think about it youtube only allows 10 min videos

after converting to avi try using THIS to chop it up

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