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[Archived] God Of War 3

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loved the first 2 but not too sure about the no MP. ill wait for a few gamer reviews first

It looks to be getting a 94% average across the board - I haven't really seen a bad review (sorry, thats a lie - a 360 blog gave it 3 out of 10 - fanboys do my head in)

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I don't know if you realise it, but you are definitely what I would describe as a PS3 fanboy.


I didn't realise it to be honest. When you consider that I hold Gears of War II in my top 5 list of games from this generation I dont think thats something a fanboy would do?

You will find me talking more about a PS3 more because I have one but depending on how accurate natal turns out to be that might change and a 360 could be purchased too.

On another note they will both be going in the bin if ON-Live comes into play.

Anyway, we will leave it at that because this thread is for God of War chat

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I finished the game too and loved it. The graphics are amazing.

Some people will look at it and say its a button basher - which at times it can be but if you try and do that through the whole game your going to die - allot - unless your playing on easy that is.

I really would recommend playing through the first two if you already haven't because there is quite allot of chatter that references what went on in the first two games - they are worth picking up anyway.

I rate this up there with my top games like Unchartered 2/Batman - well worth picking up.

My only tiny gripe with it was that at times I just fell through the map or went through a wall - nothing a quick patch wouldn't fix though.

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