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[Archived] Australia

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Wanting some advice on the place. I'm hoping to go there for around 3/4 weeks roughly in December to January time.

Want to go to Sydney,Melbourne and Brisbane. Not gone into a lot of depth about the place, what's it like to travel to and from places? Distance is a big issue, time and cost?

Also things to do etc. Places to stay,reccomendations?

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Distances are huge ....Expect 12hour min bus rides between cities and a Greyhound like bus service like the US with overnight buses .Maybe more comfy to fly..Best information mag for touring downunder is TNT (down under version)Magazine.There is an internet version but the mag is better.


Accomdotion try Hostelworld.com or Tripadvisor.com

For general chat with travellers,itineries etc try the Thorntree forum.


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I love it but it is a bit odd.

After the 4th Australian has told you how fantastic Australia is, you realise that the reality is they are trying desperately to convince themselves.

Yes the distances are enormous and the place feels seriously empty but the people are friendly to the point of cramping- they want to know everything about you. Of course them being nosey is a life saver if you take a wrong turning when out for a walk. Even in the Blue Mountains which are right next to Sydney (well the Lake District is closer to Blackburn...) getting lost is an hours/days/life threatening experience.

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