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[Archived] Beattie

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Big bloody pansy. Pullis is half his size and twice his age. :rolleyes: (mind you head butts from little uns can do much damage to the nose and teeth).

But from rumours at the time he left us Beattie himself is no stranger to assault charges is he?

It'll be interesting to see what comes out of the internal inquiry.. if anything. All in all I'm damn glad that we didn't sign him as a panic buy in January.

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Hopefully this incident will mean we can get him on the cheap in the summer. I like Beattie and think he'd be a good signing at the right price. I'd have him on the cheap over, say, Dindane at £3m.

£1-£1.5m max for me!

I wouldn't take him if they paid us. Expensive, old, overweight and crap.

I wish people wouldn't put so much stock in him being from Blackburn or being a Rovers fan, I'm sure he doesn't, but you could guarantee he would be rolling out the "fan" yarn if he did come back. It would then only be a matter of time before he was unfit, piling on the weight and not performing. Sounds familiar?

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My wanting to sign him has absolutely nothing to do with him being from Blackburn. I doubt moving back here would even mean anything to him anyway.

Perhaps not but then I would have to ask why would you want us to sign an overweight, injury prone, troublemaker?

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I think it's a bit harsh to call Beattie a 'trouble maker'. I don't recall him causing many other problems like this in the past.

He may be in the twilight of his career, but he is a really good old-fashioned Kevin-Davies-type CF, who will score goals and can play well in a 4-5-1. For the right fee, he could be a good short-term option that would prevent us having to shed out on somebody like Dindane, who I don't think is as good. I suppose injuries are a concern though.

With this incident at Stoke, he could be available cheap and I wouldn't have thought they are paying him big wages.

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