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[Archived] Football Manager Live

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With the game relaunching on Wednesday now seems a good time to post.

From the makers on Football manager comes a fantasy football managment game where the aim is to take on other managers and fight to become the greatest team in the Games world.

They are two types of games worlds fantasy (where all the players are made up) and Returning stars (Real Players who return after retirement). Each GW has 1000 managers who all start with similar pools of 50 initial players. You can choose to invest your fantasy cash in players, stadiums and now even youth academies, with the ultimate ambition of becoming the top of the GW rankings.

I won't go into much more information but here are some links for those still interested, we could do with some more Rovers fans to shut up the Dingles.

PS. forgot to say it's very much a community game with a lot of banter in the lobby. :rover:


Official website




Official, Unofficial site.

PPS. game costs £5 a month which is hefty but is made up by the fact I have had no need to buy FM or Championship Manager this year

Any questions just ask.

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