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[Archived] Premier League Money Thread

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At the same time the only question about Liverpool seems to be if the RBS can march in without triggering a 9 point deduction, Arsenal long term financial strategy seems to be working brilliantly.

Here is a BBC link about their marketing plans.

This is undoubtedly the direction in which Rovers will be heading.

You can't compare Arsenal's marketing options and financial strategy to ours.

Firstly Arsenal's financial strategy has relied upon keeping the powder dry in the transfer market for a while to fund a move to a massive stadium where they can accommodate the droves of fans they have. Their sale of the Highbury apartments around the ground has hugely improved their financial situation too which together with the fact that this new stadium is turning over a big profit means that they can be extremely rich without the need for a sugar daddy.

That is almost the exact opposite of the situation which we face.

In terms of marketing, yes Arsenal haven't won the Premier League in the last few years. But they're still a massively successful team, have won the title in recent memory, reached a Champions' League final and regularly get to the latter stages, with some high profile players playing for them and a reputation for playing very attractive football.

Until we start having a number of those factors work in our favour, we can't even begin to hope to make any significant inrodes into fanbases abroad. It doesn't matter what marketing strategies we employ - there's absolutely no selling point for our club for fans abroad unless we start becoming successful. Even with an Indian owner.

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To be fair, its about time someone did take them to the European court. Although if she does win, I can only see the rest of Europe having to pay the same price as us and thus reduced overall revenue as it will not make commerical sense for most broadcasters. Plus they would probably stop beaming 3pm kick offs to Europe as well which would be fine as why should they get all our games anyway at far less than we pay.

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So the Glazers have now cost the Mancs £450m in debt service costs in 5 short years and the debt stands at £721m.


BBC link

I bloody wish I'd thought of it thats for sure! Massive personal wealth made coupled with the ability to financially destroy MU and all that sail in her! :tu:

The red side of Manchester

All £80m loss of it.

"Mr Gill added that club's latest accounts made "very good" reading. However, he admitted that they were "complicated" by the one-off finance charges."

Talk about spin!

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