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[Archived] Wolverhampton Wanderers Away

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The Kalinic header was identical to his header onto the post against Villa in the semi final 1st leg at Ewood.

If we were playing in red and were in front of the kop or stretford end, the ref would of done a keef for sure with the tackle on Salgado.

Good game though, Nelson took his goal well and Basturk looks lively.

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Brilliant delivery for the goal.

We are kicking the ball away even when we are under no pressure. Not great. Decent defensive performance though.

Formation looks straight 442 with Basturk on the right?

Good corner but Pedersen's delivery has been otherwise very poor. I wouldn't pay him 30000p a week on this showing. Its been a week or two since Kalinic hit a post so that was to be expected and with the clear pen denied Salgado, we could have been 3-0 up and coasting.

On the down side we have forgotten how to start attacks from defence , its embarrassing.

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Well its definitely 3-5-2/5-3-2, Redknapp tried it out at Pompey before he ran away with his pockets full.

Basturk put himself about a bit but didn't really get much of the ball. One pass of quality to Salgado, guess he was blowing out of his ass come half time.

I've been really impressed with our wing-backs work rate is top notch.

Hopefully we can get the fresh Dunn on the ball and running at the tired little lambs of Wolves.

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looks like dunn cannot play in a four midfield, as sam as gone for a 4-5-1 and that is our problem its no gooD sam having a go at the forwards if the midfield cannot play as a four man unit.

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Back to 4-5-1

It's like the return of an evil old aunt.

You hate her visits but you know when she dies she's going to give you loads of money!

We have now counteracted their substitution and outnumber them in midfield... which is not a terrible move.

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