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[Archived] Wolverhampton Wanderers Away

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Does anyone ever get the feeling Sam just likes getting up the fan's noses, sometimes?

Yes, Wolves were always going to come at us from the off, they'd had the better of the last five minutes and are the home team. All we had to do was ride it out retain the ball and frustrate them for a bit to get the impetus back and then we could start playing again. But no we have to endure Adam Sandler impersonating a footballer again and Roberts struggling away all on his lonesome.


It'd be a whole page of them if it would let me.

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I'm sorry but this is ###### dire. Loads of pressure since we switched to a flat 5 midfield and just one striker up front, back to the long ball hoof again as well that just puts pressure on us.

It's been pretty dire all match. Time to schedule some passing training me thinks.

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Why the (Please don't use that word again) couldn't we cross it? Giving it to Andrews to pass back to Wolves Keeper and we concede.

Why did we change back to negative ###### tactics and bring Andrews on? How can the BFS fans condone that one?

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