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[Archived] Player By Player Review Of 2009-10

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Here we go....

Paul William Robinson

App: PL 35 (0) FA 0 (0) LC 3 (0) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 0

Generally very a good season. Let’s face there are only 3 or 4 significantly better keepers than Robbo in the Premier League. His kicking is as good as any. Has a tendency to panic a bit but this was seen less and less as the season went on. Some outstanding saves but still the occasional soft goal.

Deserves a place in the world cup squad, but if it were a semi-final against Brazil would you be totally confident he wouldn’t do something silly?

Anyhow, seems to be reaching his peak now and no reason to look for another first choice keeper. Well done on a good season. 78/100

Highlight: Penalty saves against Chelsea (League Cup)

Lowpoint: 120th Minute against Chelsea (League Cup)

Jason Roy (Chubby) Brown

App: PL 3 (0) FA 1 (0) LC 3 (0) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 0

Not really good enough to be thought of as a regular first team option. Made 6+1 appearances and whilst doing a decent job never looked big enough or agile enough. New younger 2nd choice keeper required. 54/100

Highlight: Decent performance against Chelsea at home (Prem)

Lowpoint: Spurs away (notably the second Spurs goal)

Lars Christian Jacobsen

App: PL 11 (2) FA 0 (0) LC 1 (1) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 0

Acquitted himself very well in the early part of the season, but surprisingly disappeared from the first team after mid-January. Lacks a bit of pace but never had a bad game. Both Moyes and Allardyce obviously don’t rate him too highly though. Age against him and may move on in the summer. 60/100

Highlight: Villa at home (Prem). Good performance against speedy wide-men

Lowpoint: Man City away. Poor performance against speedy wide-men

Veijeany Christopher Samba

App: PL 30 (2) FA 0 (0) LC 3 (0) Goals PL 4 FA 0 LC 0

Another great season from Samba. Solid and skilful at the back and always a threat when in the opposition box (had the second highest number of shots on goal in the squad). Sometimes doesn’t read the game as well as he should, but still quite early days in his premiership career for a centre half. Invaluable. 82/100

Highlight: Bolton away. Dealt with Bolton’s aerial threat.

Lowpoint: Sending off at Villa (League Cup). Cost us a place in the final?

Gaël Givet-Viaros

App: PL 33 (1) FA 1 (0) LC 3 (0) Goals PL 2 FA 0 LC 0

Unsure of how to sum him up this season. Some good solid performances but also a few poor efforts this term. Always whole-hearted and determined, but perhaps not dominant enough at centre-back and not a good enough passer or going forward at full-back. Marking is suspect at times, too many free headers in our box with Givet marking no-one. Hope for a better season next time. 70/100

Highlight: Bolton Home. Good game against Davies capped with a goal.

Lowpoint: Arsenal away. Got pulled all over the place.

Ryan William Nelsen

App: PL 25 (3) FA 1 (0) LC 3 (0) Goals PL 4 FA 0 LC 0

33 in October and not been free of injuries in the last 3 seasons. Another good season however from the skipper, solid if a bit slow these days, rarely makes a mistake and has even contributed 4 goals this season. May be rested/used more sparingly in his last couple of seasons to come. Will be looking forward to the World Cup without expecting to win many/any games. A good captain. 77/100

Highlight: Man Utd Home. Battling performance under pressure.

Lowpoint: Chelsea away. Drogba’d.

ზურაბ ხიზანიშვილი (Zurab Khizanishvili)

App: PL 0 (0) FA 0 (1) LC 1 (0) Goals PL 4 FA 0 LC 0

Just 2 cup appearances for us this season and despite never letting us down will be moving on in the summer. Lack of pace and height seem to be the issue for this decent defender, surprisingly still only 28. --/100

Highlight: Giilingham Away.

Lowpoint: Being sent to Reading.

Miguel Ángel Salgado Fernández

App: PL 16 (5) FA 1 (0) LC 1 (0) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 1

Took a while to get into the team and eventually put in some decent performances (and a couple of stinkers). Whole hearted and clever at times, but has not proved to be the masterstroke signing we hoped for. Will probably fill in for another season before retiring. 68/100.

Highlight: Fine goal against Peterborough

Lowpoint: Spurs away. Bale made hay (hee-hee).

Phillip Anthony Jones

App: PL 7 (2) FA 1 (0) LC 2 (0) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 0

Came in to the team in an emergency and exceeded all expectations. Looked a bit nervy and positionally dodgy in his first 3 games earlier in the season, but once given the starting roll against Chelsea has excelled ever since. Tends to chase the ball a bit but obviously still a lot to learn. Must keep working hard and improving or he will fall away like so many of our academy players have done. Great start to his career. 73/100.

Highlight: Chelsea Home. Very good full league debut.

Lowpoint: Peterborough home. Shaky.

Pascal Chimbonda

App: PL 22 (2) FA 1 (0) LC 3 (1) Goals PL 1 FA 0 LC 0

Enigma. Began the season in fine form and looked good at the back as well as going forward. Good on the ball and an intelligent passer, he suffered a loss of form culminating in an awful effort at Spurs and has hardly been seen since. Maybe hankering for another move (no surprise there), but will top flight clubs keep giving him a chance? 65/100

Highlight: Undoubtedly scoring against Burnley.

Lowpoint: Spurs away. Statue-esque.

Grant Hanley

App: PL 1 (0) FA 0 (0) LC 3 (1) Goals PL 1 FA 0 LC 0

Brought in for his debut in the final game and did remarkably well in a difficult fixture. May have a future, but very early days. --/100

Highlight: Debut (and almost a goal) at Villa.

Lowpoint: Only got the one game.

Martin Tony Waikwa Olsson

App: PL 19 (2) FA 1 (0) LC 4 (1) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 1

Has finally become a first team regular. Still has defensive frailties but now being used in more attacking positions and has caused problems for many teams with pace, direct running and no little skill. High hopes for next season. 73/100.

Highlight: Burnley away. All action performance and some “fancy footwork”.

Lowpoint: Chelsea away. Never came to terms with the game.

Brett Michael Emerton

App: PL 17 (7) FA 0 (0) LC 5 (0) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 2

After the injury he suffered last season, missed pre-season and has struggled with fitness and form ever since. Always a tryer but not been able to make an impact in many matches this term. Given a clear run with injuries may get back to his best for a couple of seasons yet. 53/100.

Highlight: Chelsea Home (Cup). Somehow kept going for 120 minutes.

Lowpoint: Stoke away. Struggled to get involved.

David John Ian Dunn

App: PL 20 (3) FA 1 (0) LC 3 (1) Goals PL 9 FA 0 LC 1

Dunny’s season is always measured by the number of games he plays. Well 24+4 is about par these days. His absence during December prompted an alarming loss of form and a seies of poor results, showing how important he can be. Never really recovered his early season form but nevertheless one of the only creative players at the club. 73/100.

Highlight: Birmingham home. 2 goals won the game against his former club.

Lowpoint: Villa away (League Cup). Tried his heart out despite not being fully fit, but all for nothing.

Vincenzo Grella

App: PL 10 (5) FA 0 (0) LC 0 (2) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 0

Surprisingly started ten league games this season. Either injured, coming back from injury or about to be injured (sometimes during the warm up or the coach trip to the gound). A decent holding midfielder but not on the pitch enough to be useful to us. 47/100.

Highlight: Man Utd home. Did a job that day

Lowpoint: Villa home. Silly sending off.

Morten Gamst Pedersen

App: PL 27 (6) FA 0 (1) LC 5 (0) Goals PL 3 FA 0 LC 2

Pedersen fronts Norwegian boyband The Players, alongside fellow footballers Freddy dos Santos, Raymond Kvisvik, Kristofer Hæstad and Øyvind Svenning. As for his season, best forgotten. So many wasted free-kicks, corners and throw-ins it defies belief. More half-hearted than Jason Wilcox with a hangover on many occasions. Had more shots both on and off target than anyone else at the club but only managed 3 goals. If he was playing for a transfer or a new contract this season it wasn’t apparent. Used in a more central role a few times and fared a little better, but occasional piece of skill and odd decent game not enough. 58/100.

Highlight: Two goals that knocked Scotland out of the World Cup.

Lowpoint: The throw-ins.

Steven N’Kemboanza N'Zonzi

App: PL 33 (0) FA 0 (0) LC 5 (0) Goals PL 2 FA 0 LC 0

What a first season for the lanky Parisien. Still raw but already has all the assets needed to play his position. Looked in need of a rest on occasions but his consistency, fitness and ability to get about the pitch have made him our most important player this season. Also a good aerial threat. Still filling out and could be a monster in time. 83/100.

Highlight: Goal of the season against Everton.

Lowpoint: Defeat against City on the opening day was undeserved following a very good debut.

Steven John Reid

App: PL 1 (3) FA 1 (0) LC 3 (2) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 1

His numerous injuries have caught up with him and he appears to be on his way out of Ewood. That’s it really. --/100.

Highlight: Promotion with the Baggies.

Lowpoint: Chaotic loan spell at QPR.

Keith Joseph Andrews

App: PL 22 (10) FA 0 (0) LC 1 (2) Goals PL 1 FA 0 LC 0

Read his thread. 18/100.

Highlight: A surprisingly good 51 minutes at centre-half against Bolton. Also all the games he didn’t play in.

Lowpoint: Too numerous to mention. Trying to kick a motionless ball from a standing still position against Everton, totally missing the ball and falling over. Also Thierry Henry’s hand.

Yıldıray Baştürk

App: PL 1 (0) FA 0 (0) LC 0 (0) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 0

Not enough game time to form an opinion on his abilities, but appears to be yet another crock. --/100.

Highlight: Getting at start at Wolves.

Lowpoint: Not managing to finish the game at Wolves.

Amine Linganzi Koumba

App: PL 1 (0) FA 0 (0) LC 0 (0) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 0

Made his debut in the final game and did enough to show he could become a premiership player. Will be 21 early next season and should be pushing for a regular place if he’s up to it, especially given some of the competition in his position. Fingers crossed could be decent. --/100

Highlight: Good debut at Villa.

Lowpoint: Being selected behind Andrews.

El-Hadji Ousseynou Diouf

App: PL 24 (2) FA 1 (0) LC 0 (0) Goals PL 3 FA 0 LC 0

Too slow and wants too many touches. Always waiting for a foul. A few good contributions and the odd valuable goal but a disappointing season overall. Silly haircut/car/coat specialist. 62/100

Highlight: Headed goal against Chelsea.

Lowpoint: Bananagate.

Jason Andre Davis Roberts MBE

App: PL 15 (14) FA 0 (0) LC 1 (1) Goals PL 5 FA 0 LC 0

Frustrating season for both Jason and the fans. Our lone striker policy limited his appearances and our lack of creativity limited his chances (he can hardly be described as clinical). Does his best but lack of basic ability lets him down. 65/100.

Highlight: Good second half performance against Portsmouth at home and a blinder against Arsenal at home.

Lowpoint: Several missed chances to win drawn games, notably at West Ham.

David Junior Hoilett

App: PL 8 (15) FA 0 (0) LC 3 (1) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 1

Fair to say he promises much but delivers little. Usually thrown on late when the game is stretched but has not done enough to win a regular first team place. Whether or not he will be here next season is debatable, but undoubtedly has some ability. 54/100

Highlight: Fine penalty under pressure against Chelsea.

Lowpoint: Chronic finishing in the home draw against West Ham.

Nikola Kalinić

App: PL 14 (12) FA 1 (0) LC 6 (0) Goals PL 2 FA 1 LC 4

Used (maybe too) sparingly after his summer move and didn’t become a regular until the new year. After that had a close relationship with woodwork. Despite all that has shown real promise and has put in some brave performances up front on his own in difficult circumstances. Has good movement, a good touch and is deceptively good in the air. With the right (with a) partner, more chances and better fortune could be a 20 goal man. 77/100.

Highlight: The first half hour of the Villa semi-final away.

Lowpoint: Having a great goal disallowed against Spurs.

Franco Matías Di Santo

App: PL 15 (7) FA 1 (0) LC 0 (1) Goals PL 1 FA 0 LC 0

A non-scoring forward. Hasn’t lived up to the pre-season hopes and not the type of player we were told. A willing worker and not without ability, but probably not the right man for us and will likely go back to Chelsea and move elsewhere. Could turn out to be a player in Italy or Spain in a year or two. 64/100.

Highlight: Nod-in against Burnley

Lowpoint: The other 24 games he played in but didn’t score.

Maceo Rigters

App: PL 0 (0) FA 0 (1) LC 0 (0) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 0

Rose from beyond the grave to play 14 minutes against Villa in the FA Cup. A very disappointing buy. --/100

Highlight: Coming on for Salgado

Lowpoint: Being sent back by Norwich and Barnsley.


Benedict Saul McCarthy

App: PL 7 (7) FA 0 (0) LC 3 (2) Goals PL 1 FA 0 LC 3

Has been a fine player for Rovers but found himself out of favour with Sam this season. Didn’t let us down though despite a couple of lack-lustre efforts. Was never going to fit in to Sam’s “one up front” formation. Has played in 5 games for WHU and they have lost them all. 47/100

Highlight: A goal at Wigan.

Lowpoint: Losing at Burnley on his West Ham debut.

Stephen David Warnock

App: PL 1 (0) FA 0 (0) LC 0 (0) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 0

Whole hearted full back who joined the Villa revolution which turned out to be more

of a plateau than a rise. --/100

Highlight: A bigger pay packet.

Lowpoint: Falling over in the 2nd minute of the season to allow City to score.

Elrio van Heerden

App: PL 0 (0) FA 0 (0) LC 0 (2) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 0

Came and went. --/100.

Highlight: Half an hour against Chelsea

Lowpoint: Signing for Sivasspor???

Paul Gallacher

App: PL 0 (1) FA 0 (0) LC 0 (0) Goals PL 0 FA 0 LC 0

The Shadsworth Bergcamp made a solitary sub appearance before moving to Leicester. --/100.

Highlight: Not having to go back to Plymouth (or Shadsworth).

Lowpoint: Only replacing Keith Andrews against City.

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Jones has been leagues above Nelsen I have to say. I am much more confident in him than our (former?) captain.

edit: oh and sorry, but Benni McCarthy is still better than all our strikers. He didn't fit with BFS's 1-man tactics, but in any other team he would definitely be picked before Roberts or Kalinic.

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Givet should be much higher than that, especially considering some of the players rated higher (Nelsen, as an example). N'Zonzi just a tad high (again, going by what some of the others are rated) - his passing needs work to be our top player.

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Givet should be much higher than that, especially considering some of the players rated higher (Nelsen, as an example).

You might be right.

As I say in his summing-up I can't make my mind up at the moment about him. 100% for effort but not convinced by his defensive positioning at times.

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I wouldn't say that Kalinic or N'Zonzi had a better season than Dunn. Dunn was our stand-out player when he was fit, and Kalinic did nothing to warrant such a high rating, whilst N'Zonzi exceeded expectations without living up to the billing that a lot of fans gave him part way through the season.

Also, Jones can't get such a high rating for what he did in a few games when Givet gets a lower score for being solid all season in a position that is not natural to him.

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