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[Archived] Clearing Historical Website Visits

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I use a web site called www.gs1.org.uk on an infrequent basis, just recently I've had to use it quite a lot. It's the UK organisation reponsible for bar coding in this country.

Last weekend gs1 upgraded it's website and this has created me a problem. On one machine I am able to access the new version website and log in to our account but on a second machine whenever I try to access the website it takes me to the old version.

I realise the machine which is accessing the old site is storing information assocciated with that version. In Firefox I've used:

Tools, Options, Clear Recent History

Tools, Options, Remove Individual Cokkies

History and removed all associated Bookmarks and Tags

I have then both Re-Started and cold re-boot.

Despite all this i still can't access the new version of the gs1 website. Can someone tell me what i should be looking to delete to overcome this problem.

Google Chrome and Safari both have the same issue but Internet Explorer does not have the problem!!!

Please :)

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Might not be caching that is the issue.

The new site may not be compatible or have been tested with FF, Safari & Chrome. Whichever browser is requesting the page will influence how it looks. It is of course all cosmetic, the database is still the same. They will get round to upgrading the new site to be compatible with other browsers eventually, you can always email them and ask them when.

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Aye. That's the most likely cause. It is possible to get Firefox to fake the connection so it pretends to be IE if you want ?There is a nice Firefox plugin to make it easy for youhttps://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/59/

You may also want to tell them how many users they losing out by doing this. Once almost everyone that visits here ran IE, now it's only

1. Internet Explorer 43.62%

2. Firefox 34.99%

3. Safari 9.03%

4. Chrome 9.01%

5. Opera 2.17%

6. Opera Mini 0.71%

7. IE with Chrome Frame 0.15%

8. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.12%

9. Playstation 0.11%

10. SeaMonkey 0.03%

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