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Second Round (Last 16) Discussion

Guest Kamy100

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To be fair, Annan had several other trials before he ended up at Rosenborg. Perhaps he wasn't the player he is today?

But when you see what we ended up with, you know we missed a trick.

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I said before I even knew that England were gonna make it out of the knockout stages that this young German team would come unstuck in a tight game as experience is what counts at the world cup.

I have a feeling this could be a great day.

I have also dropped Rooney from my fantasy team, the last player I dropped was Luis Fabiano, and we all know what he then did against the Ivory Coast.

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So just under five hours until the game, what are everyone’s thoughts on the outcome?

I really think Germany will win this match. They have produced far better performances than England in all three of their group games so you would think they would be favourites going into this game. The only possible downside i see with them is inexperience, they are a very young team and this tournament may be too soon for some of them.

England could raise their game, but from what I’ve seen so far I’m not sure they can raise it to the level to beat the Germans especially if they are really up for it. If England play like they did against Slovenia then i think they will get slaughtered, they have to raise their game massively.

My Prediction:

2-1 Germany- Ozil, Klose and Gerrard with the goals.

If England are ever going to beat Germany at a major tournament (discounting Euro 2000), it has to be now. Germany are young, but talented and have been better than England. They played well against a dreadful Australia and should have been 10-0 up before Cahill got sent off! Despite the loss to Serbia they were by far the better side and dominated with 10 men. They were also good against Ghana. England had two shocking performances and did well in the do or die game against Slovenia. But if England play like they did against Slovenia they will get beaten IMO. The battling, high tempo performance was quite impressive, but it masked over a lot of England failings, which could be exposed against better sides. They need to raise their game and in Wayne Rooney they have one of the greatest players about and who has yet to play well. If he does, they have a better chance of winning. I have the Germans down as favourites on form, but if England step it up they could have the experience needed to win. The only thing that concerns me is that maybe too much has been read into the Slovenia game and people now expect England's bad form just to disappear.

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Well it turns out Italy did make it through the group phase, but this time disguised as Uruguay.

So gutted the Koreans let them get away with that - but its to be expected when the pile of proverbial Lee Dong Gook steps onto the field :angry2:

The S Koreans played some good stuff in the second half albiet aided and abetted by the usual latin attitude of to have and to hold.

Bloody hell how did we let this Annan character slip through our fingers? He oozes class.


It makes it even worse when you see Keith Andrews causing havoc in our midfield!

And Grella on the treatment table.

The legacy continues...... :angry2:

"Will no one rid us of this turbulent priest"

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I was more nervous for the Slovenia game than todays knock out match against Germany. I think it could be a 50/50 game where either team has the chance to go through. In the press conferences, our players look very relaxed and looking forward to the occasion. From what I've heard, it's the German players who seem a bit more nervous. Maybe they're expected to beat an underperforming England side so their is more pressure on the youngsters to beat an experienced England side.

Whatever happens, I just hope we give our best.

Come on England :)

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The commentator's arrogance kills me. Only 2 German players could get into the England starting squad?

Off the top of my head Schweinsteiger, Klose, Lahm and pick your center half over Upson (keeper is always a given).

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Unbelievable decision.

I think Mark Lawrenson was spot on. It's embarrassing for the sport, whichever team it happens to that an important decision like that can change the outcome of the game.

Let's hope todays incident, on the biggest stage in world sport, can actually change the sport for the better.

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My only question is why has Seth Blatter not been stabbed yet? Like...does he have the world's best bodyguards or something? How has this man, who has abused and assaulted the sport to such despicable degrees not been physically attacked?

I don't get it.

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Terrific. So now we can go out the tournament but be righteously indignant about the ref. Of course it was a truly awful decision and nothing like 66. It was at least 2 foot over the line. Ah well, happens every time...ready-made excuse. Thing is, excuses are for losers.

We played so poorly until getting the goal that we cannot have too many complaints.

A great team will overcome setbacks. If England can't, they deserve to go out. Let's see what they can do, they still have 45 minutes...

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