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[Archived] Vuvuzela'S At Ewood Park

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Blackburn Rovers said they would consult with fans before making a ruling.

Press officer Paul Agnew said: “We’re not convinced that they add to a matchday atmosphere but this is something new and we would take on board the views of the fans.

Vuvuzela welcome at Ewood?

Maybe it would be good to get a poll going for this thread.

So the question is:

Should the Vuvuzela be allowed at home games next season?

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Watching the games on television, I would strongly oppose to having the vuvuzela appear at Ewood Park, however fans who have attended the games have said they make an amazing amount of noise and it really helps with the atmosphere.

So maybe it would be good to have the vuvuzela at Ewood Park during non-televised games and ban them only when we feature on live TV matches.

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One or two would be fine. Not necessarily blown constantly for 90mins, but now and and again when we get a corner or something to get behind the team and contribute towards the atmosphere.

Air horns and other noisy items used to be quite common, people tend to want to sit in silence nowadays.

Plenty of noise - horn, drum, singing and large flags being waved... it's called atmosphere, let's make Ewood more intimidating!

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OK then you bring your's, but be prepared to go home with it safely stowed somewhwere were you can't reach it.wacko.gif

Clearly the sarcasm was lost on you....................

Nevermind, maybe you will look a bit closer next time eh.

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