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[Archived] Iphone Apps

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Just a few of what I have.

0870 (say no to 0870 app basically)

Sky Sports Centre


JustinTv (live games over streams)

Sky News

Google Earth

Bump (share contact info with a bump)

Around me (Gives you a list of things around you, such as restaurants, pubs etc)

Mover (allows you to send contacts, pictures, videos etc accross to another phone)

FakeCaller (Perfect if you need to escape a meeting)

Paper Toss (Game - highly addictive)

TuneIn Radio (any radio station)

Shazam (name that tune app)

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Ebay have released a new Selling app which is pretty good if you list a lot of things on eBay. You can just scan the barcode of the item you are selling and it pulls in all of the details.

Angry birds is a must at 59p






Photoshop Mobile


Tv Guide


All decent apps that I use a fair bit.

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I am now the proud owner of my sons old iphone. I have got the apps you guys have recommended.I got one today called "postcards" a free app which allows to create your own holiday postcards from your photos and you type in the message and for 99p apple will post it for you to a uk address.Also this week Dragon Dictation comes out which allows you to dictate emails rather than type them out. Will defo get that one.

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Airvideo converts movie files to Mp4's and can then stream them live to your iPhone. For £1.50 it's the best Converter I've found.

You can also then drop them into iTunes & load them onto your phone

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Anyone else downloaded the Official Rovers app? It's pretty good, but a bit pricey for what you get and you have to subscribe to a monthly fee to get the videos. I believe it is a seperate subscription from the official site too, so you'd have to pay twice for the same thing!

Anyone that does have it: Have you managed to get push notifications working? There is no Rovers app in my notifications settings to choose badge, alerts etc.

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