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[Archived] Your Prediction For Our Season 10-11

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So after a very frustrating summer in the transfer window so far, it looks like we head into the new season with a very familiar squad.

Just 2 signings (1 being the Spanish kid for the reserves) and just Reid leaving the 1st team picture...not that he was ever around & available.

So what do people think of the season ahead? Will we struggle....Will we progress further....and what about our rivals, do you think they have strengthened enough to worry us or not?

My view - I think we should have another very solid season in which we should see more progression from Jones, NZonzi, Kalinic & Olsson. If that happens then im sure we can replicate 10th, and possibly even slightly better if we get off to a good start.

The new season wont be easy....but then it never is....Saying that, we are little old Blackburn Rovers, a team that constantly go against the odds and do better than expected.

As for our most immediate rivals - Stoke have probably improved slightly with Jones, Bolton should do better with Coyle & a few signings....With the rest, their is still uncertainty on how Big Club, Wolves, Fulham, Wigan & Sunderland will do....I dont think many of those clubs has strengthened well (except possibly Wigan in Defence)....Interesting times ahead.

I also dont think any of the new promoted teams will do that great either....Newcastle if any of them could survive.....other 2 straight back down.

Rovers Prediction - 9th-11th

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With the current squad and last season's approach to games I think its a flirt around the relegation spots and end up between 17th and 15th.

A decent striker & creative midfielder signed, and most importantly a more positive outlook from the manager and we could break the top 10.

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Birmingham could be found out this season, a team of average players who if they dont improve will finish much further down the table than last season. Foster isnt as good as Hart and Zigic is unknown, and their players are just getting older.

Yeah they only ended up where they did last season thanks to that confidence run where they won about 8 in a row. I think they will end up about 14th this season....2nd season syndrome and all that.

Also think Wolves will struggle too.

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Prediction: 12th-14th range

Which is at least 4-5 places lower than what we could have achieved had we actually bought a good midfielder or striker, as we were told we would be getting at the start of the transfer season. So wherever we end up, the adminsitration will know they are the ones to blame for not reaching higher.

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Could the mods post a poll?

Champions? *snort*

Top 4? *snort*

Top 6?


Bottom end?


I've never been as underwhelmed or disillusioned as I have going into this season, not only with Rovers but with English football in general. The fool that I am, I thought our top-half finish would give us some room to maneuver in the summer and allow us to add some quality to our side, and there's bog all going on elsewhere as the myth of the Premier League being the world's greatest is finally dispelled. For Rovers, it will be more of the same - the methodical percentage game will continue to split opinion, along with the likes of Pedersen and Andrews, and we'll scrape enough results to keep the wolf from the door but little else, unless we're treated to a cup run. A lot will depend on maintaining our impressive home record, because if that begins to falter we could be sucked into a relegation dogfight.


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Many bad teams out there:

Brum, Sland, Wolves, West Brom, Blackpool, Bolton, Wigan, Stoke.

Rovers: 9th place

Topscorer: Nikola Kalinic

This years revelation: Zac Aley

Still progressing and worth a shitload of money after the season: Nzonzi, Jones and Olsson.

Best Baird: Gael Givet

Most headinjuries: Nzonzi

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Simon Garner seems to think we could break top 8, the same Simon Garner can only see us as 10th

From the LET

Simon Garner

"I reckon they could sneak into the top eight. I honestly believe they will improve on last season.

"Anything higher than last season will be a success but, the way Sam Allardyce works, he will be looking for even more than that. a European spot could be asking a bit much but why not shoot for the stars?

"Sam has the luxury of a settled squad and that could be vital. They know what each other are about and will start the season already working as a team."

Simon Garner

"Tenth. I am afraid just squeezing into the top half will probably be the limit of our realistic ambitions.

"We did it last season and I think it was a decent achievement.

"You look at the sides who finished above us last season and you struggle to see how we are going to bridge the gap.

"The financial gulf is just too wide.

"If we did manage to get into Europe then we would be defying the odds but I hate to say I just cant see it happening any more."


My prediction is 9th. If we keep our simply outstanding home form going and manage to get a few more points away i think we could push as high up as 7th

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