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[Archived] Holidays/Hotels From Hell

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** my own views only! **

lobas bahia.

what a scruffy awful place,dirty towels on arrival,room smelled of urine,rude bar staff,dangerous pool etc.

on arrival we found a lad whose leg had gone through the glass door and had blood splurting out,the reception were only interesed in checking guests in and NO member of staff was looking after him.

the room was as basic as it can be,the kitchen areas cupboards were hanging off, there was no bin . rubbish was left by the cleaners and not one item was removed !!! the bathroom stank of urine as did the wardrobe! the beds are rock hard and we had back ache every morning,the pillow was thinner than an elastic band and the spare was filthy stained and just a sack filled with pieces of foam! the room was never swept or cleaned it had been only once during our stay!

the restraunt was like a cattle market,the cutlery and plates where filthy ,the food itself was edible just, and there was little to no choice aprt from salad for the fussy eater,we ate out three nights during our 6 night stay. My wife had egg salad every night minus the cucumber on two occasions, being left with lettuce, tomatoes and onion and boiled egg, and on one occasion only had bread and water as the juices were extra sweet and more like a strong cordial rather than fresh juice. there weren't any preserves or cheese to make sandwiches at lunch time for those that don't eat meat, infact the meals were repetative and boring.

the bar was terrible and the bar staff were the most rude and ignorent i ever had the mispleasure to meet.all inc , we were treated like we were stealing and 2nd class people.I can understand paper cups around the pool but not at night. at night they threw paper cups at you made you go outside to fill your paper cup with gassy beer.If you wanted shorts you had to then go outside for mixers and they just grumped at you for coming inside . If you paid you got a glass and i argued we had already paid ,but to no avail!

They have one toilet for men and one for ladies and i mean for one person,the mens seat wouldnt stay up and was filthy and wet with urine!!!

the pool is tatty with tile broken or missing and several kids sliced their feet open on missing tiles ! sunbeds broken and uncomfy!

However,the location was brilliant tho and hotel was located in a prime part of Fuerteventura but thats all!


let em flow,vent here hee hee.

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