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[Archived] The Return Of The £10 Challenge


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So I thought we could give the £10 challenge a go again and this time I'll make sure to stay on top things and keep a table going and up to date.

The major change this year is that this site is now an affiliate of Bet365, so if as a part of this we could get people to open a new account and deposit the £10 onto Bet365 it would help raise some money for this site.

To open your bet365 account and make an indirect contribution to BRFCS just follow this link

Rules of the Game:

Everyone starts with £10 at the start of each month that you can use to bet on any sport and there will be a table to keep track of who has won the most money each month (you don't have to actually bet with money if you don't want to, but can simply pick games to bet on and keep track of what your profit/loss is with your fictional £10). The only really serious rule is that you have to post what you have bet on before the event starts, as well as the price that you got and the website or bookmakers that you used. You can bet on any sport or any event just so long as you have posted what you bet on before it starts.

Let me know if you want to join and I'll add you to the table. You can join in at any time.

***Just to make it a little bit easier for me...if you do win could you just log-on a bit later and quote the bet that won and post the amount that you won (including the original stake) as that will make it a bit easier for me to see the winning bets and to then update the table***

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A lucky 15 is 15 10p bets, which would have usually been £1.50, because it's each way it's then doubled.

The lucky 15 is split up as 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold. You don't need all 4 to come in like you do with an accumulator.

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Count me in Eddie!

And here`s the first bet!

1 Titbit @ 9/2 3:50 lingfield

2 Aqua Vitae @ 13/2 4:50 lingfield

3 Little Garcon @ 7/2 5:20 lingfield

4 Russian Rave @ 2/1 4:30 brighton

10p e/w lucky15 total cost of bet £3

all bet on 365 :rover:

Only `little garcon` did anything,and that only finished 3rd which meant i won a grand total of 18p! :blush:

New balance is £7.18

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I'm officially the worst gambler in the world but I'm in, first bet:

1 Scotland @ 17/10

2 Italy @ 4/9

3 Germany @ 4/6

4 Spain @ 1/100

5 Holland @ 1/100

6 England @ 3/10

7 France @ 1/3

8 Portugal @ 1/5

£1 on £12.79 potential returns.

Ps Am I right in thinking that even if you are up on Bet 365 you can't withdraw any money until you deposit and bet £60?

Also £1 on Dawson for first goal at 33/1

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No luck with that. Couple of bets via Posh today:

Peterborough @ 1.85, £2.00 Single 2.00


Peterborough @ 1.85

Jurgen Melzer @ 2.37

Doubles, 1 bet * £1.00


Peterborough @ 1.85

Southend @ 3.00

Doubles, 1 bet * £1.00

£4.00 left :(

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I'm in. Using skybet because I'm not setting up another account somewhere else.

A modest start on the internationals for tuesday.

Croatia to win (£6 @ 8/11)

then the following accumulator

Denmark, Austria, Croatia, Holland (£1 @ 11/5, and Lucky 15 with 15x 5p stakes)

remaining funds - £2.25.

Not very risky, but I'm starting off gentle.

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Clicky Thingy

Use it.


No need ta! :D

As with all gambling,treat your stake as if you have already lost it,because it is when you try to chase your losses that you will come unstuck.

Btw.no 1 and 2 have finished 1st and 2nd respectively so fingers crossed i might actually get back more than my stake!

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