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[Archived] Other PL happenings 2010-2011


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BBC - 1900: Now then, here a stat you might want to know, courtesy of Infostrada Sports: "Alex Song's red card was the 50th in the PL under Arsene Wenger. Patrick Viera had the most red cards during the Frenchman's reign - he was sent off eight times in the division. Only Blackburn (55) and Everton (53) have received more red cards since Wenger's debut as coach in the Premier League."

Not as squeeky clean as he likes to claim eh!

That would have been a good thing to post if we weren't mentioned in it too!

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Berbatov has had a fantastic game. Brilliant player when he wants to be.

Yep. I think this game proves it. He plays only when he wants. For the national team, and this is hardly an exaggeration, he has been unable to make a simple correct pass for about 3 years.

Some players leave and breathe for money and not another thing in the world.

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Which one of those players out there isn't Nick? It's just some are worse than others. Last couple of times I saw proper sportsmanship was years ago..... a. Fowler and b. Di Canio.

I know, it's just frustrating to watch. Even Agger ended up screaming at him, then his fake 'cramp' asking for a bloody stretcher FFS, running the clock down.

Di Canio here >

Can't remember the Robbie one though ?

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Was it not when he told the referee that he didn't think it was a penalty after one had just been given?

He missed the resulting penalty but Murphy followed it in.


It was against Seaman, maybe during his time at City? Fowler went over Seaman who had rushed out, but Fowler said that he was already going over or something. It looked a pen to me, ISTR!

I don't think Fowler missed the pen on purpose, as some have claimed.

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Can't remember the Robbie one though ?

Liverpool were playing Arsenal away, referee gave a pen for a foul by Seaman on Fowler, Robbie tried to tell him no contact was made, but in typical Premier League lunacy the ref insisted on giving the pen anyway. Our mate Mr Ashby as it happens.

Fowler missed it and McAteer scored the rebound. Forward to 2:10 on this video -


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