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[Archived] Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers

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Where did October vanish to?

Before you all panic, this is probably the earliest preview thread ever. But I thought I would mark the few minutes Blackpool are leading 2-0 at Anfield with a contribution to remind you that anything is possible in football and that Rovers have indeed won at Anfield more than once in living memories.

I am going to update this preview when we get to the other side of the international break but I want to record a big thank you to Dr Rogan Taylor of Liverpool Universty's Football Industry Group for answering my questions so incredibly promptly.

I hope you find this an interesting read:

PL Both our clubs will in all probability have new owners before we play each other. Are you one of the 97% of Liverpool supporters who thinks a 9 point deduction would be a small price to pay for getting rid of Gillett and Hicks?

RT Yes. Hicks & Gillett are like millstones round our necks as we drown in a sea of debt. But I'm even more concerned about what/who comes next. 'Frying pan' and 'fire' come to mind......

PL What are the lessons of Gillett and Hicks a club like Rovers contemplating new and inevitably foreign owners should learn from?

RT That you shouldn't believe a word they say! That fans should interrogate their intentions very closely - and do as much due diligence as you can on how their 'business model' is supposed to work. The very best protection you can get is to raise money collectively in a Trust; persuade the current owners to require any new owner to accept a minimum 10% equity investment from that Trust (with board representation and the opportunity to increase their equity stake when shares are sold). That way you start to move towards the only real protection a club can get from 'passing strangers' who fancy screwing you with money they've borrowed.

If you want stability, longevity, accessibility and profitability for your club, fan/community ownership is the key. Just ask yourself:

Which of the top five European Leagues is

- The best attended

- The most profitable

- The cheapest to access (with the lowest ticket prices)

The answer is the Bundesliga. What's special about the Bundesliga? Every Club in the league is majority owned by its fan/members.

PL Given your in-depth knowledge of clubs and fans, are the Premier League and Champions League purely the preserve of big city clubs now or can the town clubs still break through?

RT It is increasingly difficult because size really does count - much more than before. The matchday income; stadium utilisation; commercial attractiveness etc. are crucial in sustaining the costs of top teams. But 'the dream' is still alive: with a great manager; a brilliant recruitment and talent-development policy, and a bit of luck, it can be done.

PL Are the regulations Platini is bringing in about financial fair play fair or workable or simply a device to protect the status quo in football by blocking any future Jack Walker?

RT We don't really have the space to to do this question justice - but Jack Walkers are very rare creatures - and the impact of sugar daddy owners like Abramovich & Mansour (who make Jack look like a pauper) is to pervert the model for everyone else. But do we want it to be 'fair'? I'm not sure.

PL How do you feel about our old boy Woy replacing Raffa?

RT Fine. He's inherited a nightmare - but he looks like a good man to hold our hand and lead us from death to rebirth!

PL To be fair to Hodgson, he produced six months of the best football Rovers have played in the Premier League before he lost the plot. Are there signs yet of exciting free flowing football returning to Anfield?

RT No.

PL Kenny Dalglish was quoted a few weeks ago as saying Liverpool can win the Premier League this season and of course he knows how to win the Premier League as a Manager. Can Liverpool do it?

RT You're kidding (and so's Kenny)

PL Do Blackburn Rovers have any chance whatsoever of winning at Anfield?

RT As things look today (just prior to the home game v Blackpool), I would think there's every chance of Rovers getting a result.

PL When do you think Torres and Gerrard will be back to their best?

RT Gerrard's fine - but he's virtually on his own in terms of class. I have a real worry that Torres might 'do a Michael Owen' - after a long series of injuries, lose that extra yard and never regain it - when your whole game depends on it. He gets little service these days anyway - and the body language looks telling. Not happy about the outlook there.

PL A score prediction?

RT 2 - 2

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I would LOVE it, just Love it, if:

Liverpool 0 - 1 Rovers

Liverpool 1 - 2 Rovers

Or any permutation of us winning at Anfield. VERY cross that Blackpool have beaten us to it.

Just to make it even sweeter, any Rovers goals scored by Mame Diouf.

Please, Rovers, just for me lads, it will make having to sit with the Liverpool fans that much more entertaining.


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Sorry to say but i could just about see us getting a draw in this one, we never win at there ground only once since the Premiership began and once in the f.a cup few years ago.

On another note i hope Liverpool don't get any worse than they are as there tickets seem to go up every season and they ain't won out. Can't say they charging £41 to watch desent football, the cost has gone up £7 in the last four years if this keeps up they'll soon be charging more than Chelsea for away fans to go to Anfield.

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Looking forward to the update on this one.

Liverpool, the day of our destiny in 1995 where we supped, supped some an them some more as we took that trophy back home to Ewood.

I dont think we have anything to fear unless Torres is firing and has had his hair streaked.

2-1 Rovers

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Brave people to pick rovers after their dross performance at stoke although Liverpool lost today and with our usual tactics which cannot and will not be changed for this game as we don't have a plan B. I just don't see us scoring unless Reina makes some huge error. I hope our away fans have something to cheer about as I feel bad for the ones who had to witness the nonsense that was dished up at stoke.

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We know how it goes .... if ever a team is on a bad run and desperately needs a win, we're usually the ones to help them out.

Same seems to happen with players - if someone hasn't scored ever or for years then it's always us they break their duck against ....

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This game has all the hallmarks of Liverpool recording a big win....someone's gonna get a good pasting at anfield and I suspect it might be us....typical rovers sleepiness after the break against stoke suggests that last seasons weaknesses are still there.


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I haven't posted on here in about 2 years, just want to check i'm still a world cup.

poor old Roy, the writing was on the wall, Hodgson for England

I thought he would fall at the top, 6.4 million on Dailly, I will never get over that.

hopefully rovers win.

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Considering that we have not managed to score more than once in a league game (the first goal against blackpool was an own goal), I don't see how we are going to pose a threat to Reina. 0-0 at best or we get stuffed by a Torres hat-trick.

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